Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boho Chic!

We love the look of Boho Chic!

This month, we decided to try something new for us--boho chic!
New Hampshire is quite conservative & traditional, however this new window has gotten alot of good feedback.
It seems there is some hidden appreciation for a more relaxed enviroment here. We hope by doing the window in this style, we can show people not to be afraid of pattern and colour and just have fun with textures and unusual objects. This month, we included vintage japanese kimono pillows, ikat placemat pillows and floral pillows made from vintage drapes, a runner made from the Maio tribe, a reproduction of a Finnish doll dress form, vintage embroidered ribbons, Mercury Glass and funky artwork. The armoire is over 100 years old and has a bohemian blue stain. We love how the knobs don't match and nails are the "hooks" to hang things. We wanted the piece to maintain it's character so decided not to correct these things. The window display piece is also a very old piece that we finished in the same Bohemian blue, leaving the handles' natural verdigris and patina for added texture.

Now about the other window.....