Friday, April 25, 2008

Featured Artisan -Lois Kerr

The works of local Artisan, Lois Kerr will be featured at KAZA from April through June. Each of her pieces are handpainted and can be ordered in complete sets (please allow 2 weeks or more, depending the size of the sets). The thistle mat was hand hooked by Lois' 97 year old mother, Zanita Collins.

Price List:
Hummingbird Watercolour Painting (one available): $60.00
Hand Hooked Thistle Mat: $40.00
Thistle Mugs: $15.00 ea.
Casserole Dish Thistle Plate: $40.00
Small thistle bowls: $12.00 ea.

Note: All porcelain was painted with non-toxic paint that has been baked. It is washable but not dishwasher safe. it is not recommended that you leave it to soak in water or use abrasive soap or scrubber to clean.