Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kaza's Turkish Delight

At Kaza, we love the look of mid-century. We also try to find unique items that can be exclusive to us as well as creating new designs. Keeping the uniqueness of our products "not typical" and perhaps, a bit out of the box, is very important to us. Finding these Turkish cowhide rugs was a "wait, I need to catch my breath" moment. Each is unique, one-of-a-kind and exclusive to us. Since half of KAZA is based in Turkey (Fehmi is always looking for more styles and ideas in Turkey), we have access to many unique items that are European, cutting edge in design as well as our contacts in Belgium and frequent travels to Canada, affording us to offer a vast array of designs and products in our VERY tiny shop (thank goodness for the warehouse!!).

The gorgeous Turkish kilim pillows are made by Gonca, as well as her own creation of combining leather and crochet in pillows which offers an exotic, yet feminine style. We are so proud and thankful to her for all her hard work in making our shop beautiful and unique!

The buttery soft leather poufs (which when asked what to fill it with, I was told, "Summer clothes, winter clothes....") gives a stylish alternative to the American "plastic bin" storage method.

Price List:
Large (6' x 8') Cowhide Rug=$900.00

Medium (4'x 6) Cowhide Rug= $500.00

Small (3' x 4') Cowhide Rugs=$250.00

Gonca's Kilim Pillows= $25.00 each

Gonca's Leather/Crochet Pillows: $40.00 each

Leather poufs= $50.00 each
Crisp Cotton Organic Pillows: $30.00 each

Emailed orders (info@kazadesigns.com) & Phone orders (603.244.9445) are welcome, as well as popping in for a visit to our shop! :o)

202 South Main Street
Concord, NH 03301