Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tranquil Seaside

Well, the kitschy vintage beach scene sold quicker than we thought. The buyer was adorable and was very happy with her "find". I am happy the chairs went to a good home. We figured the sand was still there, might as well get one more use out of it and decided on a tranquil seaside scene.The colour palette of soft blues, cremes and iridescent bronze. A unique row boat coffee table, a vintage chrome chair holding a yummy (locally made) blanket and soft pillows. The basket of organic jute rugs are on the side and instead of TAB cans, we used antique glass fishermen balls from Norway to accent the beach floor. The divider was made from strung together woven placemats that were dry brushed an iridescent bronze. When the sun reflects on it, it shimmers--gorgeous. We only got to see the sun reflect on it once--what a rainy week!!(OY!).

Tranquil Seaside Price List:

Unique Row Boat Coffe Table: $75.00
Vintage Chrome Chair: $65.00
Blue Nantucket Vases With Wild Grass: $15.50 each
Soft Pillows: $12.50-$15.00 each
Antique Glass Fishermen Balls: (small) $5.00ea/(Med)$10.00 ea/(Large)$15.00ea
*These sell so fast, it really is hard to keep them in stock--the final few.
Yummy Handmade Cafe Coloured Blanket: $65.00
Organic Jute Rugs: $15.50 each

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Achromatic Chic

I worried a bit to do this window--it being so dark and dramatic in the middle of summer. However, the response has been wonderful! People are already trying to pick at the window (not yet!!-lol)to scoop up some of those fabulous black and white pillows. This window was actually supposed to be an English Garden theme, however the daybed was a slight too big. After a 10 minutes panic attack, I grabbed the black bench and some yummy B & W pillows and green mod glass and decided Achromatic Chic, it is!

Price List:
Black Bench: $75.00
Black and White placemat pillows on Bench: $15.00 each (2 patterns)
Polka Dot pillows: $15.00 for the set/2
Large Flower Power B&W pillow: $25.00
Large Daisy Floral Bouquets: $32.50 each
Black High Stands: $40.00 each
Big Ben Clock: $17.50
Crisp white art pears: $10.50/2
Large Green Art Vase: $27.50
Thin Tall Green Art Vase: $15.00
Funky Green Art Vase: $32.50

To purchase this entire window setting is less than $400.00!!

Quite Fabulous!

Call to reserve pieces or just pop in to reserve(our displays sell out quickly).
*Items will be available to pick up by 15 July 2008*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kitschy Vintage Beach Scene

We had so much fun creating this window!

This kitschy vintage beach scene that we created includes 1950's striped beach chairs, rag rug pillows, a golden star (vintage syroco, of course!), a kitschy white moravian star light, a room divider made from painted and joined embroidery hoops (love those things!), beach sand and TAB cans! We even included

a vintage transistor radio and vintage Rona Barret magazines!!

Price list for the window:

Vintage beach chairs: $50.00 each--2 available

Moravian Star Light: $35.00--1 available

Kitschy Rag Rug Pillows (a KAZA exclusive!): $15.50 each --4 available

Little Beach Scene Pillows with red pompom trim: $12.50 each --2 available

* Display pieces in the window are for sale, however we ask for a timeframe of 3-4 weeks, from each window change, in order to create and organize the next display. Thank you! :o)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pictures From Artist Reception!

Last weeks' Artist Reception was alot of fun as we had a very good turn out to see our Featured Artist, Darryl Taylor Kravitz. We enjoyed wine, cheese and crackers, good conversation and the beautiful artwork of Mr. Kravitz. The artwork will continue to be shown at KAZA until 5 July 2008. Artwork can be purchased online, via email (*please call for available inventory as they have generated alot of interest), phoned in or just pop on by. Shipping is available upon request.

Please write/call for dimensions and pricing or visit KAZA at 202 South Main Street, Concord NH.