Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Achromatic Chic

I worried a bit to do this window--it being so dark and dramatic in the middle of summer. However, the response has been wonderful! People are already trying to pick at the window (not yet!!-lol)to scoop up some of those fabulous black and white pillows. This window was actually supposed to be an English Garden theme, however the daybed was a slight too big. After a 10 minutes panic attack, I grabbed the black bench and some yummy B & W pillows and green mod glass and decided Achromatic Chic, it is!

Price List:
Black Bench: $75.00
Black and White placemat pillows on Bench: $15.00 each (2 patterns)
Polka Dot pillows: $15.00 for the set/2
Large Flower Power B&W pillow: $25.00
Large Daisy Floral Bouquets: $32.50 each
Black High Stands: $40.00 each
Big Ben Clock: $17.50
Crisp white art pears: $10.50/2
Large Green Art Vase: $27.50
Thin Tall Green Art Vase: $15.00
Funky Green Art Vase: $32.50

To purchase this entire window setting is less than $400.00!!

Quite Fabulous!

Call to reserve pieces or just pop in to reserve(our displays sell out quickly).
*Items will be available to pick up by 15 July 2008*