Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tranquil Seaside

Well, the kitschy vintage beach scene sold quicker than we thought. The buyer was adorable and was very happy with her "find". I am happy the chairs went to a good home. We figured the sand was still there, might as well get one more use out of it and decided on a tranquil seaside scene.The colour palette of soft blues, cremes and iridescent bronze. A unique row boat coffee table, a vintage chrome chair holding a yummy (locally made) blanket and soft pillows. The basket of organic jute rugs are on the side and instead of TAB cans, we used antique glass fishermen balls from Norway to accent the beach floor. The divider was made from strung together woven placemats that were dry brushed an iridescent bronze. When the sun reflects on it, it shimmers--gorgeous. We only got to see the sun reflect on it once--what a rainy week!!(OY!).

Tranquil Seaside Price List:

Unique Row Boat Coffe Table: $75.00
Vintage Chrome Chair: $65.00
Blue Nantucket Vases With Wild Grass: $15.50 each
Soft Pillows: $12.50-$15.00 each
Antique Glass Fishermen Balls: (small) $5.00ea/(Med)$10.00 ea/(Large)$15.00ea
*These sell so fast, it really is hard to keep them in stock--the final few.
Yummy Handmade Cafe Coloured Blanket: $65.00
Organic Jute Rugs: $15.50 each