Friday, August 29, 2008

KAZA End Of Summer Sale

The end of summer?!?! Already?!?

I know, I know.....I cannot talk about it too much without getting watery eyed.

So, to deal with the trauma of school shopping, last times at the beach and cleaning the barbecue grill to move into storage to prepare for....oy...I just cannot say it.....

Well, all this is too much for anyone to deal with.
We need to have a sale!

Come join us at KAZA's End Of Summer Sale!
*25% off Store Wide Sale
effective 2 September-9 September 2008
(subscribers hear this news first!)

Hurry in, as the good stuff always goes first!
*sale excludes fabulous artwork by Barbara Carr--sorry.

Other than the fabulous artwork, nothing else is safe from this sale.
Think ahead for birthdays, housewarming, redecorating
and/or (gulp!) Christmas shopping.

We are making room for wonderful new pieces and are so excited to bring them in!

Some examples of what -25% looks like:

Large cowhide rugs
Typically $900.00 each/Now -25% =$675.00

Gorgeous Bronze Mosaic Lamp in the window
Typically $120.00/ Now - 25% =$90.00 SOLD

Place mat Pillows
Typically $15.00 each/ Now -25% =$11.25

Stunning Large Moroccan Vase
Typically $158.00/ Now -25% =$118.50

Eames Era Chrome and Black Chairs
Typically $75.00 each / Now $56.25 each

Vintage Mexican Mirrored Moravian Star
Typically $32.50 each /Now -25% =$24.37 each SOLD

KAZA store hours, during the sale are:

Saturday: 10am-2pm

Sunday & Monday CLOSED (unless there is a decorating emergency--then just call and I will open!) :o)

Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm