Wednesday, July 30, 2008


KAZA is extremely proud and excited to include the exquisite line of imported traditional pottery, from our friends at Artesania, as part of our inventory!

Pictures do not do these pieces justice, as the rich textures are something that must be seen in person to truly appreciate. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and painstakingly handcrafted by established artists from several different Countries including Spain, Morocco, Italy, Turkey and Mexico. Please note these pieces are not reproductions nor are they mass produced-the artistic details are exquisite.

Price list of just a few of the items that are available to purchase at KAZA:

Moroccan Vase: $125,00 (my favourite piece)
This amazing vase is handcrafted from its shape and the detailed carving design, to the handpainted traditional motif and metal work.Exquisite craftsmanship stands out in any room.Luxurious, elegant and a touch of exotic look.15"H x 10"D.Handwash recommended.Handmade Morocco.

Majolica Centerpiece Hurricane: $75,00
This Traditional pottery of Guanajuato arose from terracotta pottery covered with a thick, white shiny glaze brought to Mexico by the Spaniards during the 16th century and which in Guanajuato is known by the name of Majolica, as opposed to the production made in Puebla, which is known as Talavera. Each piece is made and painted by hand.The glazes are food safe, unlike the old majolica. This hurricane is composed of two pieces, the bottom is a unique majolica design of fruits and the top is a Mouth-Blown glass piece shaped to place a candle pillar inside. may be used for flowers as well. A grand elegant piece anywhere you place it. 21"Hx9D.Handcrafted.Mexico.Lead Free.

Turkish Bowl: $55,00
Amazing detail and beautiful colors in this bowl. Beautiful as a centerpiece or for fruits and salads. Food safe. Handwash recommended.11.5"Dx 3.5"H. Handmade and Handpainted in Turkey.

Large Aztec Calendar: $150.00
La Piedra del Sol (The Sun stone), commonly known as “The Aztec Calendar”, is evidence of The Aztec’s knowledge of Mathematics and Astronomy. It represents how the Aztecs measured days, months and cosmic cycles. Our calendars are handmade and hand painted in Mexico. They are made with natural woods like Barcino, Cedro, Nogal, Pine, Caoba, etc. Each piece is cut, handcrafted, and hand painted, then all pieces are put together to complete a masterpiece.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On my first visit to France, when I was 19 years old, my sister and I stayed in Lille; a tiny village between Paris and Belgium. Staying at our friends, Isabelle & Thierry's, tiny appartement, they were the most giving hosts, giving us a true experience of French culture. Before dinner, we went to the Marche aux Puce to buy fresh strawberries, so they could show us the "proper" way to eat strawberries and Champagne. We enjoyed great conversation, and the simple act of breathing. I know it seems silly, "a simple act of breathing", but I feel in this culture we forget how to breathe sometimes-how to really enjoy simple things.

Outside Isabelle's kitchen window, was her vast garden with the abundance of fresh vegetables ready to be picked, and the smell of fresh Sweet Basil and Rosemary on her window sill.

Her decor was simple; crème slipcovers, soft white pillows,little herbs as plants...nothing fussy.

This window is called "Isabelle".

I chose to make the pillows and cushions reversable, to keep it simple, and without effort. The soft crème damask cushions are backed with, Covington of England, Blue and crisp white floral fabric. The matching Covington pillows are backed with a gorgeous rich designer fabric of creme and soft blue. And the Waverly toile, in mustard and french country blue, is backed with the same creme damask as the cushions (confused yet?).

The small iron garden bench is actually an old crib and its natural rusted verdegris is...perfect. Under the bench is an old leather suitcase and the old chippy represent the window I looked out of in Isabelles kitchen (sappy, eh?). Accent pieces are the 3 white aubergines, the tray table with old rusted tray, a sweet blue and white ginger jar and a silver bowl full of rolled vintage twine. We added pieces of old chippy architecture and of course some "greens". I love this window. I want to sit in this garden and enjoy the sounds of birds while eating a cucumber sandwich....remembering my days in Lille, France.

Price List:

Antique Iron Garden Bench: $135.00

Cushions (2 available): $40.00 each
Large Toile (2 available): $20.00 each
Medium Covington (blue and creme) 4 available: $15.00 each
Medium "Ravioli" (my daughter description!-lol) toile: $25.00 (1 available)
Small Toile (2 available): $10.00 each

Old chippy white window: $22.50

Tray Table: $15.00
Old rusted Tray: $17.50
Balls of twine display (includes chalkboard and silver bowl): $24.50
Milk Glass with green (inside/outside) ball: $18.50
Small Silver bowl with green ball: $15.50
Architecture molding: $32.50 each (3 available)

Antique leather suitcase: $22.50

Call or reserve pieces soon, as the windows sell out very fast.

Pieces will be available for pick up by 10 August 2008.