Monday, November 10, 2008

Abstract Photographer, Bev Norton-Artist Reception

Artist Reception for Abstract Photographer, Bev Norton
-20 November 2008 4pm-7pm!

Enjoy cheese, crackers, wine and hot cider, meet the artist, do some Christmas shopping and save 20% off your purchase at KAZA!! (-20% excludes artwork..sorry).

A bit about Bev:
Bev is a self-taught artist who has been working in textiles, beading & pottery for most of her life. For the last 5 years Bev has been painting on textiles to create "naive" art. Out of more than 150 paintings painted since 2003, 20 have sold Nationally & Internationally. Bev is currently photographing profusely and sharing at flickr: "BN catchesthelight" & "catchesthelight". In 2007, Bev launched her abstract digital photo paintings in limited editions, preferrably by subscription. Bev also has a wonderful home workspace, gallery shop to share & exhibit for sales.

Where did the name "Catches the light" come from? Some of the acrylics I use from my experimenting with garment painting have mica in them so now my paintings have a small amount of light-catching quality. Because of all this emphasis on light, I have chosen the name "catches-the-light"

What inspires your photography?: I have honed my own techniques, explored some latent interests and seen what others are doing in photography to the extent that I am finding I love the relationship between the organic and inorganic in its purest abstract forms of light, line, texture, color and design. My abstract digital photography explores those relationships in such a visual way with themes that I love: travel, transportation, streamline moderne design, rust, petroliana.

Have you always been interested in Art?: I have always loved textiles. My Mom sewed me Barbie and baby doll clothes so one of my favorite things to do was to walk through a fabric store touching and imagining the possibilities. I designed some of my own dresses and some for my Barbie as a child but I always needed to find patterns for Mom to do the actual sewing since she wanted perfection. I wove those textile loop potholders as a child. I learned to knit, crochet and designed my own hooked rugs that I found therapeutic to punch away on.
In middle school, I enjoyed my Intro. to Art classes and especially the potter's kick wheel so much so that I bought the parts to build my own that was installed in our basement. I also liked to hand build pottery pieces and I took those to fairs as a teenager. In high school, I worked on a complete set of dinnerware out of pottery for my housekeeping days soon to arrive. But even then I wasn't content to just throw or form clay into forms, I also experimented with adding metal to the rim of my dinnerware and getting just the right temperatures and colors to complete my experiment. I like the combination of materials especially organic colors and textures with just a small amount of light-catching medium and this is where I attribute that love emerging. I took a design course in high school art as well and I did a large "mural" for our cafeteria wall shelf unit that showed citrus shapes, cross-sections, etc. in a pattern that could only be seen fully straight on but you could see elements of it emerging from the sides as you passed it. I also enjoyed my TV production course in high school where I produced a video on the history of our local railroad service in the Pioneer Valley of MA.
Right out of high school I married where my creativity was tried with a meager married college students' income: I baked all my own bread, painted my own walls, utilized all my various and numerous "ideas" to make life work.

Artist Reception for Bev Norton is 20 November 2008 4-7pm