Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Wish

As my daughter and I were watching the snow fall from the dining room window today, I felt several was just a few things to grump about.

1. I was angry that my plow guy had not come yet

2. I was thinking how we would pay the plow guy 30$ today another 30$ on Sunday and another 30$ on Thursday and the weather man had no good news in the near future.

3. I wondered where it would be this time. My yearly fall. I don't try to fall every year...but like clock work, I fall every single year.

For the next 2 minutes, my mind wandered to several other things at once, "I am out of stuffing for the pillows", "I need to work on some Valentine display pieces", "I really need to get on that treadmill soon", "Christmas Cards!! Mail them before it is too late!" "how many more Christmas presents do I need to get?" , "where will I go??", heart started racing to the point I could not stand in that spot one more second. As I was turning to leave, I saw my daughters face. She was still looking outside and...smiling. Her eyes sparkled and her face was so genuinely happy. With all my worrying and internal complaining, I almost missed one of the most beautiful memories of my life. She looked up at me and whispered, "It's Christmas, Maman".

I think 2008 has been a difficult year for most people, for one reason or another. The recession, expectations,...the ice storm--oy!. Typically, people adapt and bounce right back. But as we get older, we may feel the springs may be getting weaker...because they are not bouncing back so quickly anymore. Problems are a season in life--it is not forever and, eventually, the problems will pass. But, time is not friendly and while we sit and worry about tomorrow, today is already passing.

When I asked my daughter what her Christmas wish was this year she said, "I wish everyone could be happy and not sad and that snow was a warm blanket I could cover up in!"

That was mine too.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas/Holiday and a new beginning in 2009.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Is Coming!!!

Christmas is coming!!!
--and I dont know if those exclamation points are for excitement or panic!-lol

Well November came and went and it was a busy time at KAZA, preparing for the upcoming Holidays, making new pillows, candles, Christmas decorations and other crazy things.

We changed the windows for Christmas and really wanted to have some fun with them this year. I loved last years windows "Aspen Christmas" and "Mod Silver"--but "Whoville" and "The Christmas Story" are so dear to my heart and are very tongue in cheek....which is so KAZA anyway. Aimee & Julianne gave us a hand, wrapping all the garland with ornaments for the "Whoville" window. Thank God! That window took us almost 5 hours.

The Artist Reception for Bev Norton went very well and she sold quite a few pieces of her work. Bev's work will be displayed until 11 December and she also has added some of her paintings, which have received alot of attention. Her paintings are light in spirit and refreshing and worth seeing in person. Congratulations Bev! :)

I had the radio interview with Designer, Bridget Mellow of Decorating Dilemma's radio show and was able to bring my daughter, so she could see what it was all about. My GPS gave me wrong directions and we were literally racing up the stairs to make it in time--oy! It was alot of fun though. I learned a bit about myself in the process--I laugh WAY to much when I am nervous, I talk with my hands ALOT and that I raised a crazy daughter! At the end of the interview, Bridget asked my daughter, "what is the best part of your mom having a shop?"--she said, "I get to steal sometimes!" (she means the soap and seashells, but double oy!). Other than that, it was alot of fun. I mean, talking to Bridget on air or off air is always a bit crazy--she is such a hoot! Thanks Bridget for the opportunity and for thinking of KAZA. To listen to the interview: (Archives November 2008)

I have been busy making pillows, more candles (just came out with "Acapulco with Cary Grant"-I know, I know), Christmas Tree's made with designer fabric (which....have already sold and I will need to make more before the Season ends) and sparkly Eiffel Towers! I have been sparkling everything these days. It is my new favourite thing.

We also brought in some new inventory from Japan & Mexico--I love the simplicity and tranquility of the Japanese pieces and the vibrancy of the Mexican pieces.

A few weeks ago, an artist named Michael came in and asked to draw one of our fabulous birdhouses. I thought it would be kind of fun for people to see him at work while they shop. He is very talented, so kind and is someone I can speak french with! :) Merci Michael!

Also!! Artist, Elizabeth Cohen of Boston has graced our shop with her fabulous pottery and painted bowls...ummmm...did I mention they are FABULOUS?? What a sweet woman and an extreme talent. I was so glad to meet someone Kookier than me!! We had such a good time and were brainstorming ideas and will definately colloborate some of art. Well...her art...with my....hobby (lol). Can't wait for you all to see!
Check out her website:

So....that's about it. more thing. If you have read this far, you really deserve a bonus. Starting today 3 December 2008 - 26 December 2008, all customers will recieve a trial size KAZA Facial Steam---FREE! with every purchase. (while supplies last)

Merry Christmas! ~ Joyeux Noel! ~ Mutlu Yillar!