Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bonne Annee 2010

Wishing Peace & Funkiness for 2010

According to Google, there are 31,556,926 seconds in a year.

When I entered my 30's, it dawned on me that there are no "do overs" in life. I also realized how life doesn't really slow down for anyone to take a moment to synchronize our brain to catch up with the speed of life, erase mistakes or to do, say or react something over again. Kind of a bummer.

To take 300 uninterrupted, fully focused seconds of my life to hear my daughter talk about her dream or a funny story, sometimes seems impossible. But, as I look at her little face--I also know time does not slow down for her either and soon I will wish she would come home for those 300 seconds to just chat and tell me her dreams again.

To take 300 uninterrupted, fully focused seconds of my life and call my parents or my sister and not think about work or the shops inventory and window changes or the laundry that has to be done--because time does not slow down for them either and I know one day, I will wish for their words of wisdom after a difficult day.

I know this post seems like, kind of a downer--but for me, New Years is the one day that we can start fresh. So, I wanted to offer a suggestion for your New Years Resolution, this year, if I may:

We may not be able to get back the former 31,556,926 seconds, but we have a new 31,556,926 seconds to take and divide up, where it counts.

So, Bonne Annee 2010!
A toast to good health, happy heads and to hoping the next 31,556,926 seconds are the best yet!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Calling Last Minute Shoppers!

Calling All Last Minute Shoppers!
(you know who you are!)

We are having a "Last Minute Shopper" Special for those last minute details!

*Tickets on the tree range from 10% - 50% off!!
The fun does not stop there!
After redeeming your ticket, put your name and info on the back side and your name will be included in a drawing to win something fabulous!

What is that "fabulous" thing, you ask?
( are one of those box shakers, aren't you?)
Shameful. You will have to wait and see if I contact you on 24 December!

Last Minute Gift Ideas?

KAZA's Fabulous Birds Eye Maple Natural Edge Cutting Boards are in stock and selling like hotcakes! (Price Range from 15$-30$)

Local Artisan: Brenda Perkins Fabulous line of Jewelry (Price Range: Necklaces 12$- 35$ & Earrings 10$)

Local Artisan (and future Interior Designer Extraordinaire): Kat Rivard Jewelry (Price Range: 10$-16$)

Only a few left of the "Keep Calm" pillows! Price: 15$

Kathi Rienstra's Recycled Plastic Bag Totes! These make a GREAT Christmas gift! Price Range: 5$ for bowls, 15$ baskets, bags and totes: 18$ - 40$

Adorable (and Fair Traded) Guatemalan Dolls Price 17.50$ each

Hours this week are:
Monday-Wednesday 10 (ish---you know I am always late!) -5:30pm,
Christmas Eve 10-2,
Closed Christmas Day

*Tickets can be used for one item only and is not redeemable for cash.
Special ends 2pm on Christmas Eve 2009!

Joyeux Noel!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey & Mistletoe....let the Holidays begin!

The weather has been so nice, sunny and warm-- We've, sort of, dragged our feet to transform the shop for Christmas, until it was right under our nose! The last few weeks of making inventory, planning windows, changing my mind on windows (sorry Cyndi!) and changing the shop around, has been a whirlwind.

We laughed.
We cried.
We bought the t-shirt.

And now we can announce (da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa--horns):
Christmas at KAZA has begun! :o)

We love the look of grey and red combined with mercury glass!

Sweet Sugared Candles --perfect for a housewarming gift! 7,50$ each

In the vintage doctors bag are Sharon Cloud's fabulous lavender bundles with hand-dyed ribbon(they smell amazing!) 15$ each

Mary at Earthway Soaps has been busy making new product lines and we are so happy to share them with you! Earthway's new line of "sleeping potion" (en lavande!)is a roll-on and is perfect for those winter nights. I love smelling good while going to bed-- especially if I am wearing new pjs (that is the best!). It is a tradition in my family for the women to receive new pjs every Christmas (Merci, Maman! xox)

Earthway's Introductory Price on the "Sleeping Potion" is 12$ (and well worth it!).

J'adore Earthway's new "Paris Market" line of soaps and goodies! Ooh-la-la!

These pillows are fabulous! Cyndi Rogers of Mariposa Interior Designs and I talked alot about pillow designs and what I wanted at the shop for this season. She created these pillows and I absolutely, roll-on-the-floor love them!

25$ (small) 35$ (large)

We also wanted to add a bit for Hanukkah. Actually the cards shown are made by a young girl named Sarah. She is 12 years old and is extremely talented, focused and a true entrepreneur! Her gorgeous holiday cards are 4$ each and she even takes orders for larger quantities.

The Peppermint Sticks did so well last year, we decided to bring them back in packets of 3/7,50$ (add them to your centrepiece, wreath or Christmas tree!)

Without being able to have you all over for Thanksgiving, I thought I would share a bit of our Canadian Thanksgiving Table with you!

Recipe for French Canadian Tourtiere:

2 lbs of Ground Hamburg
1 lb of Ground Pork
1 whole onion
Black Pepper
2 pie crusts

In a large pot, on low heat, combine hamburg and pork and cook while mixing together, until no longer pink.

Keep on low heat for another 15-20 minutes, stirring every few minutes.
(chop onions finely and crush two packets of saltines finely, in between stirrings)

Close heat completely and add finely chopped onions and mix in.

Add a 1/2 Tbsp of each nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom & cloves and a dusting of black pepper. Stir together.

Add crushed saltines and mix into meat. Taste and adjust spices to your liking (be careful with the clove--it is a very strong flavour).

Spoon in filling onto two 9" pie crusts and cover with a pie crust top. Trim and flute. Brush pie crust with one mixed egg and milk combination.

Bake at 400°F for 20 minutes (or until golden brown)


*Serve with ketchup

Informal recipe, I know.....but, it is yummy! And that is all that counts, isn't it?

Huh?.....What about the windows, you ask???

Ohhhh....... the fabulous SteamPunk!

Influenced by the visions of HG Wells, Steampunk (in a nutshell)is turn of the century inventions in trying to create modern technology with 19th century materials. Clunky gears and wheels, before micro-technology was invented.

We have added gears and wire...folded pages from old books (and of course KAZA Eiffel Towers!)and an old ornate frame to display these utensils of technology as Art.

When I mentioned a bicycle chain chandelier to Cyndi Rogers, she ran with it and created a jaw dropping piece of art! And yes, it is for sale (inquire within).

The other window is still a work in progress, but we will post as soon as it is completed! :o)

As a thank you to our wonderful customers, we are giving a mini KAZA Eiffel Tower, FREE, for purchases over 20$ (While supplies last. long as our little elf fingers can cut them!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pssssttt!.....The Elves Are Hard At Work!

KAZA will be closed 13 November & 14 November (Friday and Saturday)---the elves will be busy making inventory and preparing the shop for Christmas!

We will open again (pret pour Noel!) on Tuesday, 17 November--check out all our new goodies in time for Christmas (Psssst! We will putting hints of the upcoming Christmas inventory on KAZA' Facebook page!).


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, Those Fabulous Windows!

By Interior Designer, Sherry Burnett

Interior Designer, Sherry Burnett Of Burnett Designs, finished designing the KAZA windows for October and they are fabulous!

The first window is a head turner! Many of the pieces have already sold and I don't expect it to last much longer, honestly. I have been replacing sold pieces with others, but once they are gone--it is not possible to find others. As for the bench, with all the response we have gotten, we have prepared 2 other benches to replace the existing one in the window if it sells before 15 November. The two other benches are fabulous--but different than the one in the window. So, if you LOOOOVE this one--Scoop!

Designer, Sherry Burnett and Designer, Vicki Frasier hanging the bronze sheer for Bohemian window display

The style: Bohemian
In Bohemian design, there is no method or set pattern. You take what you love...fabrics, textures, artwork and create your space. Sometimes, design is sooo thought out--matching everything, pulling from this colour, coordinating--I personally love the eclectic style of Bohemian. It is daring, cultured, spontaneous, free-spirited...without being contrived. Imagine vintage sequined pillows, a vintage burnt velvet coverlet, a Suzani throw and an old rusty iron bed and you will have Bohemian.

Price List:

Peruvian Avacado Lamp: 85$
Oregano Side Table: 75$
Bronze Elaborate Bench (includes vintage velvet floral cushion!) 275$
Syrocco Gold Shelf: 30$
Green Glass Vase: 35$
Pillows in window range from Turkish(made by Gonca) 25$ - Vintage 55$
Hartman Vintage Suitcase: 125$

Artwork is also Sherry's! Isn't she amazing?!?

Artwork In Bohemian Window Price List:
Passion: 250$
Vibration (Above Photo): 600$

The Second Window is, I personally call it
"Funky Autumn"-

Mixing vintage pieces (80's brass and glass end table), Antique Mirror painted a funky Chartreuse, an old Bergere Style Chair given an haute couture white and reupholstered in crisp white vinyl and trimmed in formal upholstery tacks, Amy Butler fabric on pillows and lampshade. Love the colour palette of orange and green!

Price List:

Brass & Glass End Table: 85$
White Chair: 125$
Green Pottery Lamp w/Amy Butler shade: 50$
Chartreuse Mirror: 75$
Amy Butler Pillows (2 available): 45$ each

Artwork (again, from the talented Sherry Burnett):

Happy: 250$
Sweet: 50$

**Prints of the paintings are also available**
Price range: 15$-60$

Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.....
This is the Q & A segment with Interior Designer, Sherry Burnett:

KAZA: These windows are fabulous! It has caused loads of attention--- what inspired your design?


My inspiration for the left window began with that fabulous headboard which brought to mind the Bohemian eclectic design.  My inspiration for the the Bohemian designed window (left window at KAZA) began with the fabulous headboard repurposed into a bench. The rich bronze color and the curves of the headboard called for deep jewel tones and floral design of the jacquard fabric for the cushion.  The lamps were redesigned with a fresh paint and new lampshades. The side table received a new look with a beautiful oregano color and bronze knobs.

The French style chair and the wonderful retro apple green lamp inspired the second window. I loved the color, scale and form of the lamp.  The crisp white, green and touches of orange are a subtle reminder of fall without screaming fall theme.

KAZA: What advice do you have for someone with a new house to decorate and perhaps a limited budget?
Creativity!! See existing furnishings and accessories in a new way. Can they be repurposed- painted, used in another room or for a different function?  Find something you love for your inspiration, be it a fabric, accessory, a memory, or a feeling. 

KAZA: I remember when I met you, we had talked about some ideas you had for your upcoming window here and I remember you mentioning "water bottles"-and I knew at that point your windows would be fabulous without even ever seeing your work prior! I am a crazy lady when it comes to Design Magazines (since I was 12 years old!), which design magazines do you like, that keep you in the "design loop"?
Elle Decor is at the top of my list! I recently started receiving Dwell, “At Home in the Modern World”.  They have numerous articles related to “green” design. 

KAZA: Your gorgeous artwork is also in the window---tell me more about that side of Sherry Burnett.
My imagination is constantly in high gear, the things I see around me rattle around in my brain creating images that I use to inspire a painting or design. Painting is my primary outlet for such images but it is the same for my work as a designer.. When I am painting, everything else goes away and I lose track of time. The flower series is my latest inspiration.  I love the colors and the energy in them. I feel that they represent a part of my personality! 

I want to thank Lisa at KAZA for giving me the opportunity to express my creativity! It is such a wonderful experience to design the KAZA windows. Lisa helped with mentoring and guiding me with ideas. She is so creative and has a big heart!!!
And a great big thank you to Vicky Frazier of Eclectic Designs LLC, Cynthia Rogers of Mariposa Designs LLC and Brett Cabral who helped with the window installation and their creative ideas!! Thank you!!

KAZA: Awwww Shucks! I was just throwing ideas at you--you could either dodge or catch-lol....the windows are awesome! Thanks so much, Sherry and to everyone that helped Sherry make the windows come alive. :)

Don't forget: 1 November 2009 is Daylight Savings

Also, KAZA is on Facebook--Become a Fan and receive a Free Slice of Earth Way Soap!

Happy Autumn!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dear faithful subscribers, having subscribed to the KAZA blog to get some inside info--you also have had to endure listening to our crazy stories every month! So, we wanted to do a little somethin' somethin' (Or how my mother calls it, "une petite quel que chose") to show our gratitude!

What better way to show our gratitude than to have a sale!

When you ask?

13 October 2009- 17 October 2009

And, how will I know who to give the 25% discount to?

Well, typically a cartwheel or two upon entering the shop lets us know pretty quickly--however, you can always just mention the blog and we will know what you are talking about. ;o)

On another note, I am off to Canada again this weekend and Designer-Artist-Muralist- Creative Genius Extraordinaire, Sherry Burnett, of Burnett Designs will be redoing the windows while I am away. I did get a peak at some of the pieces going in and.....yipppeeeee!!! I am so excited to see what she comes up with!

I will post pictures when I get back and will include Sherry's Q & A and bio so you can get to know her a bit--she is sweet, funny & fabulous!

I love having the Designers and Design Students do the windows---it is so exciting for me and such a rest for my brain! Cyndi Rogers "Barnacles" windows were so fabulous and creative.

Speaking of windows.........aren't you curious who WON the Project Laundry List Best Window Display?? Da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (horns)

Concord Camera!

Aimee Leduc, Michael of Concord Camera and Cyndi Rogers (above)

Aimee Leduc of Lavender & Lotus Interior Designs and Cyndi Rogers of Mariposa Design did a fabulous job of designing this window display. Michael (owner of Concord Camera) and Suzanne (Manager of Concord Camera) were an absolute pleasure to work with. I think it makes a lot of difference when we have such a good experience with a company/business to encourage others to support that business--and I can tell you, after this experience, the designers and I agree we will definitely be doing business at Concord Camera in the future. As the winners of the event, Concord Camera recieved a Gift Certificate from The Common Man Restaurant and a beautiful "Green Together" Art Canvas by incredibly talented Artist, Peg Lipin (

There were 16 shops that had created displays for this competition. Luckily, Aimee Leduc of Lavender & Lotus Interior Design ( took fabulous pictures of some of the windows --thanks Aimee!

Caffenio's "Tea Shirt" and coffee filter garland was quite fabulous too!

The "Tea Shirt" is on display at KAZA--150 tea bags sewn onto a plain white t-shirt!

At Gondwana, the students from Rundlett Middle School created clothes made out of brown paper bags and wrote about what "bugged" them ecologically. I am happy to say, the future leaders are aware and ready to change the world!

Designer, Cyndi Rogers of Mariposa Designs (above),strings folded books for Gibson's Bookstore window display (below)

Bagel Works showed the transition from raw material (Shaw's Supermarket Plastic Bags, the process of weaving, and the finished product of Kathi Rienstra's fabulous recycled bags (below)--Kathi's bags are now for sale at KAZA (Plan ahead for Christmas!)

Lotions N Potions window display was adorable. Baby clothes all strung on the line with a fan blowing to create a sort of soft breeze--LOVE IT!

On another note, KAZA has been contributing to some articles in the Hippo Press recently (The first for Project Laundry List, another for the 3/50 Project and was asked to contribute some KAZA knowledge/experience to Home Accents Today Magazine (upcoming issue)! How cool is that? :o) what do we have?

*A Private "Faithful Subscriber" Sale
(Tuesday, 13 October 2009 - Saturday, 17 October 2009)

* Free slice o' Earthway soap for joining KAZA's Facebook--"No Facebook, No Soap for you!" (ala one of my favourite Seinfeld I aging myself?)

A bientot!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crunchy Leaves...Fresh Apples.....Yummy Sweaters...It only means one thing-

Autumn is here!

When my daughter was 2 years old, she would pick apples at my parents home in Canada and was so proud that she could just grab from a tree and snack freely (I cool is that, if you think about it?). She would say, "I picka apple!", bite into it, drop it on the ground and move onto another one, announcing her find again and again.

Cutting the grass over the fallen apples, leaves a sweet sweet smell in the air, that is so pure and brings back such special memories of my childhood there. I would almost recommend you throwing your browning apples on your lawn and mowing over them, just so you can smell what I am talking about-lol--it is so fabulous!

So, take out your yummy sweaters, kids.....Autumn is here!

*Apple trees at my families house in Canada--the sweetest apples I have ever tasted in my life--they are pink inside!*

KAZA has been busy, lately. Mmmmm....that really does not even begin to explain, actually. KAZA has been "oh-my-gosh, my-head-is-spinning" busy, lately.

After the "Barnacles" event came to a close, it was very important to change the shop to Autumn as soon as possible. I was hanging onto summer with my toenails, not wanting to let it go! But then I remembered all the things I love about Autumn and couldn't resist bringing in some Autumn Splendor.

In this section, we wanted an Equestrian Country Club sort of palette for the coming chillier season and went with various shades of Grey and Browns with a rich evergreen as the accent colour. That chair is a recently reupholstered piece with rich Italian leather (down-filled cushion) and gorgeous Pierre Frey mohair chenille--it is exquisite!

I love this cabinet(that darker grey is so gorgeous). We filled it with old apothecary bottles, vintage ceramic birds, David Melnick's fabulous artwork, natural birch tree candle holders and folded books (an old technique from Lyon, France).

The folded books up close (above and below pictures)

Yeah, well...the shop change was about only 10% of the busy head-spinning-the other 90% was "Project Laundry List". I will say, first....Designers Aimee Leduc of Lavender and Lotus Interior Design and Cyndi Rogers of Mariposa Designs are unbelievably professional, creative and FAST! We have worked all week to create 5 window displays for downtown Concord, NH shops and businesses, for a window competition for Project Laundry List. Project Laundry List is a Nationwide Campaign to encourage air drying your clothes, rather than use the dryer machine.

The windows we worked on were:

Caffenios: "Tea shirt" (t-shirt with 150 tea bags sewn onto it) and coffee filter garland (yes...more coffee filters leftover from "barnacles"-lol)

Gibson's Bookstore: Fabulous Folded old books, strung from the windows (how long does it take for fingerprints to grow back?)

Concord Camera: Photographs and memories of clotheslines (example below), old picture slide lights, photo negative curly garland--all done in an achromatic colour palette with a pop of red! So fabulous!

Bagel Works: Ok....this is amazing and maybe I am slower than molasses to even learn about this incredibly talented woman. Kathy (the incredibly talented woman) takes a plastic bag...from grocery stores and weaves them into these beautiful recyclable bags! I asked her to bring her pieces here to sell---you will love them!

Gondwana: Rundlett Middle School's Art Class submitted these really cool shirts cut out of brown paper with a colourful bug and wrote about what "bugs" them eco-wise. VERY cool, funny and artistic! The designers also contributed to the display adding Flags from Fairtrading countries to emphasis Gondwana's Fair Trade Practices. **Also incredibly important to us, here, at KAZA!

If you get a chance, check out all the clotheslines, this weekend (the winner will be announced on Monday).

Designer Info:

Aimee Leduc:
Cyndi Rogers:

KAZA is on Facebook--Become a fan and receive a free slice of Earthway Soap Sept and Oct 2009! ** Pls Let me know you have joined when you come in--I owe a few people some soap! **