Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grey Day Countdown

As I was driving down the streets of Concord, I noticed some trees with pretty white flowers (what are those?) and instantly became so excited for warm, sunny weather. For me, warm weather means; fresh vegetables from the garden, long walks on the beach (without my nose running!),the smell of freshly cut grass (with my nose running --allergies!-lol), weekends in Canada visiting my parents...of course, I write this on a grey, rainy day! April is always a bit difficult for me. After 6 months of mostly grey days, April is the last of it and I tend to grow so impatient, waiting for the sun to give me my Vitamin D, rather than RiteAid.

On a lighter note, what a busy month KAZA had in April! We had our 2nd Annual Spring Sale, which was very busy for us. I love having a sale because it really opens up the shop to bring in a lot more new inventory.

The new windows:

The first window is a palette of black, creme and chartreuse. I know I do alot of Achromatic windows, but I love the simplicity and the "pop". The glassed hutch in the window is actually an antique given a sort of "Haute Couture" boost and painted a high gloss black and trimmed in a metallic pigment bronze. This is my absolute favourite revamp we have ever done--it is stunning and if doesnt sell...it is coming home with me! The black and creme flocking chair (also known as Parisian Wallpaper) is gorgeous and such a great focal point.


Black Hutch: 365$
Flocking Chair: 250$

The next window has caused loads of attention! I think people are REALLY ready for Spring and lighter palettes. The palette for this playful window is a apple green, crisp white and plum. The large white bamboo hutch is gorgeous and...sold. That piece was definately a desired piece as everyone has been asking about it. The matching side table (oy....that table in the picture is not the piece I am referring to) is equally fabulous and in the same "bamboo line" as the hutch and side chair, also in a crisp white. The lamp....oh...the sweet lamp is made by a talented lamp artist out of Portsmouth, NH who loves to stick her toes out of the box. I will have more of her pieces in the shop as the response regarding this lamp has been very,very good.

White Hutch (sold)
White Side Cabinet: 150$
White side chair w/vintage fabric: 25$
Adorable "Polka Pom-Pom" Lamp: 65$

Please mark your calendars for the "bloom" Artist Reception! As always, everything during the 3 hour reception is 25% off (excluding artwork, of course). It is a great chance to save money, meet the talented artist and enjoy cheese, crackers and wine!Personally, I love a good cheese tray. The stinkier the better. Paired up with a nice chilled Chardonnay...does it get any better? True...red is always better, but for safety reasons, only white food can be served. I know you get me, right? :P

And now....

Drum role please....
The winner of the "Crate of France" Giveaway is Louise Fischer!!
Louise came in to claim her prize and posed for a photo for us. She was adorable and so genuinely happy to win--what a great person! It really was so much fun to have this giveaway, that I really need to think about doing it more often!

Congratulations to Louise and thanks to everyone who entered!

New music at KAZA! This month at KAZA we are listening to Carla Bruni--also known as The First Lady of France (President Sarkozy's wife!). A wonderful customer (Thanks Vickie!) introduced her music to me and I fell in love with it. Her music is very soft. Her voice, smoky. Her music style...a bit eclectic. I love it!

You can find Carla Bruni CD's here:

Now...a sneak peek at some of the new smaller piece inventory:

Enjoy the rest of April--the lilacs are almost here!! Yippppppeeeeeee!!