Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brimfield Trip

Brimfield....(Rating: 3.7 out of 5)

A girl's (and lover of shopping and all things electic) first time experience at Brimfield

For several weeks, many customers at the shop talked about Brimfield; selflessly sharing insider tips with me and cheering me on my first experience at Brimfield--but sadly when I got there, I was so overwhelmed, I forgot everything. Not one field sounded familiar! So....we just walked, weaved, went in circles, shopped...cried (not really...but almost, at the end). According to the map, we did a bit less than 1/2 of it before my arms were dragging from my bags and I could go no further.

Well, to start, I am still dizzy from it. It was exhausting, interesting....but, honestly, I felt everything started to look alike after an hour. Almost too much for the brain, at once, I think. I know there is more to Brimfield, than what we saw. But it is a bit tricky. There are alot of pieces that are priced way too high and alot of reproductions. Some things were fabulous, some were...yard sale worthy. Some places had prices on the items, some did not. **Personally, if there is not a price, I feel the vendor is sizing me up and deciding how much to price it by what I seem I can afford (oy! I should have worn my lawn mowing sneakers!)** I guess bartering is the fun of it--but I have a hard time with it and could not ask for a "better deal"--although, everyone was very very flexible on the price, without my even asking.

I think if someone is going to Brimfield for the first time, a conservative amount of money to bring is about 500$. And, honestly, that is a conservative amount. We brought our own waters and sandwiches because I didnt know about waiting lines at restaraunts. There didnt seem to be many lines and people were raving about the food, so maybe next time we will check out the cafe's....although our pre-packaged Moe's Italians were quite good, as well. :o)

The shoppers at Brimfield were all high energy. They obviously trained for this event for some time as no one had the pained look on their face, as the face I saw in that gold, highly ornate, vintage mirror: (Price 3500$).

I dont know if I would go to Brimfield every it definately seems like the "Black Friday" of antique shows. I, however, did score a few good pieces and met a few contacts that I will be working with in the future.

My Favourite Eclectic Item At Brimfield?

A little strange...a little unusual...but, something about it makes me smile :o)