Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mosaic Artist, Lizz Van Saun

KAZA Presents the Mosaic Art of Lizz Van Saun

Lizz Van Saun, of Kast Hill Studio in Hopkinton, NH will be the featured artist for the month of June at KAZA! Having met Lizz has been such a great pleasure for me. She has enormous talent, yet she is so humble and genuine. Her pieces show confidence, elegance and a wicked sense of humour --which is a perfect way to describe her. It is an absolute privilege to have her pieces here.

The show at KAZA will run from the Opening Reception date of Thursday, June 4th, 2009(4-7 pm) until Thursday, July 9, 2009.

Of course cheese, crackers and wine will be served, as well as 25% off shop-wide savings during the reception (not including the artwork of Lizz Van Saun or Ashley Nichols--sorry) :o)

Q&A with Lizz Van Saun:

Q: How long have you been doing mosaics?

A: I started making mosaics about eight years ago. I was inspired by a book by Kaffee Fasset and Candace Bahouth- a lot of very free and exciting creations. I'd been making paper from plant material, doing watercolors and many other art forms. Something about mosaics has continued to inspire me.

Q: Originally coming from the West Coast, do you see a style difference on East Coast compared to the West Coast?

A: From what I've seen online and in shows, etc. mosaic "styles" are all over the place. There are so many ways to work in mosaic from traditional smalti tiles, to stones, to stained glass to found objects and everything in between. It really varies from person to person. Mosaics are not well represented in the East and I'd love to see that change. There is a group called Mosaics New England out of MA. They are working towards that. In Sept. or Oct. they'll have their 2nd Annual Mosaic exhibition at the Somerville Art Museum in Somerville, MA. I hope to participate!

Q: What do you love about Mosaics?

A: I think it's a number of things... there's the shine/reflection factor, and the amazing colors and possibilities with the china patterns. I love the tactile and dimensional quality of the tesserae (these are the pieces that are attached.) I collect a variety of stuff to work with- it's like an ongoing treasure hunt and I love finding free or really great bargains. Recycling is very important to me and I try to use old discarded stuff and scraps from other's projects. Anyone out there have glass scraps?

Q: Alot of your pieces are made with recycled vintage Japanese ceramics--are you inspired by the era or is it the eclectic combination of simplicity and "kitsch" of the Japanese influences?

A: I seem to find a lot of this type of ware at flea markets and such. The colors and patterns are really bright and fun and the ideas just come. What I really love are the colors in the Chinese porcelain backsplash demo piece- (you can see it in the KAZA show and on my website- www.kasthillstudio.com) the celadon green/blue, pinks and pale greens, yellows. I love the figures too. I guess it's all that!

Q: What direction do you see your mosaic art going?

A: I hope to continue to do more furniture, actually will mosaic anything that doesn't move. I'll be making more outdoor/garden sculpture in concrete for mosaic. I'll be participating in a workshop with this as a focus this fall in NJ if all goes well. I'll be doing more installations for homes and workplaces. Mosaic is amazing around a fireplace- think dancing lights and wonderful reflections... tub and shower, sink and hallways- really almost any area is ripe with possibility!

Q: You have an art studio (Kast Hill Studio, Hopkinton NH) where you offer lessons. Are the lessons in mosaics only or do you offer lessons in other art forms, as well?

A: I've actually not offered mosaic there. I've taught mosaic at the Sharon Arts Center in Sharon, NH. Believe it or not, there is not enough room in my studio for mosaic workshops at the moment. I've been teaching private and small group lessons in drawing and watercolor for about nine years. I also offer "art experiences" for children who want to play with a large variety of materials and have lots of FUN. In the fall I'll be having an open studio. Hope you all can come!

Glimpses of Lizz's work (I am not showing the whole picture--you need to come and see what it actually is!!):

KAZA's Pick?

A Mosaic Floridian Postcard---LOVE IT!