Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Not Boredom...It's KAZA!

A nice man walking by the shop this morning poked his head in and said, "A phone book?!? Are you bored?" to which I replied, "It's not boredom, sir...it's just KAZA!". He didn't "get" it....(lol)

We wanted our faithful subscribers to be the first to be introduced to our newest dressform, "Tallulah". As you can see, she is dressed entirely from the pages of a recycled 2006 New Hampshire phone book!

In honour of Concord's new purple garbage bags, we decided to do a "recycle-conscious" dressform for this months window display (I was a little late getting it in--but I know you are all very forgiving). I have also been busy with folding books---another recycling project!

Some may find "Tallulah" a bit wacky---but I think she is beautiful (with a good conscience, to boot!).

So, I just wanted to say: Thank you, dear faithful subscribers, for "getting us" and for giving us the freedom to do these, sometimes, crazy designs! :o)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can see the sky in July...

Without raindrops in my eyes

I write to warn everyone of a bright yellow object above our heads. Don't look at it directly, you can never be too sure! It seems vaguely familiar and I am hoping it will help my garden (now named "kaputski" --not my fault this time).

We went to Market Days in downtown Concord last night and saw Lizz Van Saun (KAZA's Featured Mosaic Artist for June 2009) displaying MORE of her beautiful pieces (does this woman ever rest??). She had a fabulous idea of having each guest visiting her booth, put down a piece of coloured glass to create a large piece of art.

She also has made these fabulous mosaic garden pods that are absolutely stunning (44$ each and would look fabulous with a candle, shimmering in the moonlight).

Congratulations to Lizz--we certainly miss your pieces at the shop.

KAZA has celebrated it's 2nd Anniversary (Happy Birthday, KAZA!). After 2 years of window changes (48 windows in 2 years!!!), I am taking a break. For the next few...several...I dont know how many months, our windows will be designed by select up-and-coming Interior Designers from NHIA (New Hampshire Institute Of Art). I am excited about handing off the windows for a while and think it will be a great way to get a different perspective on our featured pieces. Having the extra time away from designing will allow us the time we need to bring in more cool inventory and take a "refresh". This months windows (our last windows for a while) are very different in style, however are both white in palette and are called, "Blank Canvas"--to introduce the incoming designers that will be featured every month, here at KAZA.

Our first Designer, Cyndi Rogers, will be working with us for the "barnacles" event and will be designing the seaside windows for the month of August(more about the 'barnacles' event a bit later).

Brainstorming with Cyndi is alot of fun. She is very easy to work with and listens to all my crazy ideas, editing what will work in her design, along the way. I love to see how other designers work and working around established inventory is not an easy task.I am excited to see her idea come to fruition and think it will be fabulous! So, keep your eyes open for our August windows!

Now, about the "Blank Canvas" windows:

The first window is hip, funky, eclectic and completely KAZA. Where do I begin? I originally designed this window to be completely white with no real purpose, but to be a simple "blank canvas" to segway into the introduction of the new Designers coming in. However, finding the old school map(c.1962-Thanks, Mary!) was so exciting and set the tone for the rest of the window. It is THE focal point in the window and is absolutely fabulous! The white antique chair was given a high gloss white and recovered in a crisp white funky vinyl. The old two-tiered table was also given a high gloss white and revamped into a modern, highly dramatic piece. The vintage glass eye chart is ever so cool as is the glass head and folded book sculptures (ala KAZA---actually an old French technique).

The second window is European influenced with a large Gustavian Style Bench and sensational ornate antique mirror.

Since taking this picture, I have almost completely killed the ivy (Sharon Cloud doesn't know yet-oy!)and it has been replaced with white silk flowers. Yeah, yeah...I know, I know...

Old suitcases under the bench create a sense of a well traveled person. I imagine a newly wed couple living in Liege. The husband is a traveling business man and the young wife, a local seamstress that passes her time gardening and folding old books to decorate their new home. I added more book sculptures to the side wall (I am addicted to book folding!) and a french painting from the very talented Bev Norton of "Catches The Light" studio.

Speaking of Bev Norton; if the name sounds familiar it is because she has been featured at KAZA once before featuring her digital abstract photography back in October/November 2008. Her paintings are equally as impressive with a completely different soul. Bev paints on raw silk and uses her travels as her inspiration. Her paintings are light and cheerful and you cannot help but smile when you see them.

Her showing is from 9 July 2009- 13 August 2009 with a reception on Thursday, 6 August 2009 from 4pm-7pm. Join us for Cheese, Crackers and Wine and see more of Bev's pieces as well as have her sign some of her pieces for you!

For the rest of the summer (end of August), KAZA will be closed on Saturdays. Weekend summers are the only time I can visit my parents in Canada. On the bright side---I SHOP in Canada!!!

Enjoy this weather and I will talk to you soon! :o)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Little Press and KAZA's 2nd Anniversary!

Lisa Brown, from New Hampshire Magazine, came in the other day for a quick interview. If any one knows me, knows there is no such thing as a quick interview-lol--but when she finally escaped (ha!), she published a sweet blurb about KAZA in this months New Hampshire Magazine--thanks Lisa!
See article below (in July 2009 "Artists With An Attitude" section):

You’ll Go Gaga

Spools of ribbon in primitive designs priced at $1 per yard, international and prestigious pottery, funky cement light bulbs ($8) and local art pieces are just the beginning. KAZA is not your ordinary home d├ęcor store. Customers from as far away as California are going gaga over owner Lisa Swan’s own pieces, such as the 1940s dress form mannequin covered in a vintage opera libretto for “Aida.” Art sculptures hang from the ceiling, including an antique framed window wrap for dramatic lighting.

KAZA, 202 South Main St., Concord (603) 244-9445

Just in time for KAZA's 2 year Anniversary!

Oh, Faithful Subscribers--Cheers to you! Pop in on 10 July and receive 20% off store wide (only available to KAZA blog subscribers) as a 'thank you' from KAZA.

Oh yeah...dont forget

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Importance Of Shopping Indie

Driving down Main Street the other night, I became deeply saddened by the vacancies I saw. A few shops I never even got a chance to visit, were now gone. So much work, thought, physical and mental energy goes into each brick and mortar shop, you can imagine how it must have been a difficult and heart breaking decision for the shop owners to finally call it quits.

There is a nationwide campaign...a movement called "The 3/50 Project". As soon as I heard about this campaign, I immediately signed on.

We can save our Main Streets...and our local economy.

Which Indie Shops(Independently Owned Shops) would you miss the most, if they were gone?

Please read the flyer below (click on image to enlarge for easier reading) and if it is something that connects with you, please forward it along to your friends!

Thank you! :o)