Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Not Boredom...It's KAZA!

A nice man walking by the shop this morning poked his head in and said, "A phone book?!? Are you bored?" to which I replied, "It's not boredom, sir...it's just KAZA!". He didn't "get" it....(lol)

We wanted our faithful subscribers to be the first to be introduced to our newest dressform, "Tallulah". As you can see, she is dressed entirely from the pages of a recycled 2006 New Hampshire phone book!

In honour of Concord's new purple garbage bags, we decided to do a "recycle-conscious" dressform for this months window display (I was a little late getting it in--but I know you are all very forgiving). I have also been busy with folding books---another recycling project!

Some may find "Tallulah" a bit wacky---but I think she is beautiful (with a good conscience, to boot!).

So, I just wanted to say: Thank you, dear faithful subscribers, for "getting us" and for giving us the freedom to do these, sometimes, crazy designs! :o)