Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Barnacles" Reception Reminder

Don't forget to pop in for tomorrow's "Barnacles" reception for some good wine, yummy cheese and....ummm...crunchy crackers and 25% off shop wide (excluding artwork, of course) from 4pm-7pm!

Do you know that piece you were eying? Yup....tomorrow from 4-7pm it will 25% off and you can grab a glass of wine, check out the artwork, grab some fromage, check out Interior Designer, Cyndi Rogers' fabulous window displays, talk to some artists, see "Tallulah" up close and personal, all while listening to this months soothing tunes:

Available at the checkout desk for purchase!

**Mention the blog and receive a free slice of KAZA's Sand & Sun Soap from Earthway Soaps!**

See you tomorrow! :o)


Relics said...

What a wonderful party....I super super SUPER love that dress form dress out of phone book pages. So lovely!

I wish I lived closer, I would stop by every Tuesday morning!


Kaza Blog said...

I wish you lived closer too! I would check your shop out VERY often, I am certain. We both like the vintage-y stuff! :o) Thanks again for the Melody Gardot suggestion. :o)