Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Barnacles-The Reception!

Barnacles Pre-Reception:

The "barnacles" reception was such a good experience--the artists got a chance to mingle and meet other artists. There were artists previously featured at KAZA, some featured for the first time and some that are scheduled to be featured in the future. Each artist is special to me, in their own way, and to see them together and see how their lives have intertwined with each other and with the customers that came in, was such a wonderful experience. I was very calm at this reception compared to other receptions, for some reason. I barely sat behind the cash desk because I just really wanted to talk to everyone-lol.

Reception underway:

One of the few pictures I got to take that night!
The fabulous Mela Stewart, Artist Liane Frost and Artist Barbara Carr chatting

"Bloom" Artist, Sarah Swan explaining artwork to her adorable baby boy. Speaking of "Bloom" Artist, Sarah Swan--Sarah will be the featured Artist at Apotheca in Goffstown, NH, 10 September! Apotheca is a FABULOUS shop and a must see (indie shop), must taste (great tea!) and must smell (flower shop)--Check it out when you get a chance. I know alot of people were scrambling after Sarah's pieces left the KAZA--now you know where she is! :o)

Artist,Liane Frost and Artist, Judy King mingling sweetly

Oops! I guess there was a bit more competition than I thought!
Don't worry, Ladies--you are all fabulous!....-(lol)

The pieces will be here until 14 September and I wanted to show you what talents we have showcased here (including prices!):

The extremely talented Mosaic Artist, Lizz Van Saun is very special to me and when I mentioned the Barnacles event, she just smiled and said, "I will create something". She could have justifiably said, "are you kidding?!?! Do you know how busy I am?!?". She just finished Market Days in Concord and her pieces have been accepted into The Art of Mosaic Exhibition in Somerville from Sept.10 - Oct.31 and the Hopkinton Historical Society's "Tomorrows Masterpieces" Exhibition, showing from Sept.26, 2009 and closes Dec.5. (check them out--it will be fabulous!)

The fabulous mosaic piece Lizz created for Barnacles (below)

Barnacles Mosaic Sculpture: 90$

Barbara Carr is another person near and dear to my heart. She was featured here last year at this time, showcasing her intricate wood cuts/ block printing. She is such a professional and had set the tone for our expectations from future artists. It is not a surprise that McGowen's Fine Art Gallery in Concord, NH signed her on as one of their own. Barbara created this piece specifically for the Barnacles event and I am honoured and deeply touched by the Artists' thoughtfulness in making this event special. Her paintings and prints will be featured at Red River Theater's "Small Works" exhibition in Concord, NH from 1 September - 29 September.

Barbara Carr's Barnacles Acrylic on Canvas (below):


Barnacles Acrylic on Canvas: 150$

I met, NHTI and Granite State College Math Instructor and now incredibly talented Water Colourist, Judy King a bit over 2 years ago at KAZA. She had recognized the city in Turkey (Salihli) where some of our products come from and after talking a bit, realized she had eaten at my friends family restaurant in Turkey! What are the odds?? One day, Judy came in to show me some watercolours from a class she JUST took at Kimballs and Jenkins Art School in Concord and I was floored! Who can take a few classes and have art so intricate you would swear it was from a life-time Artist?? Judy can. Amazing!

Judy's Water Colours (below):

Home Sweet Home: 150$
Blue Boats: 100$
Tranquil: 100$

Liane Frost is another shockingly talented Artist who will be featured at KAZA in the future (an "M" month--I need to look at the schedule). She is only 31 years old and is self taught. She paints with such detail, you would swear it was a photograph. Did I mention she is self taught?!? How does that happen?? Her prints have sold to many stores throughout New England including Pier 1 Imports.

Liane Frost- Seashells, Acrylic on Water Colour Paper (below):


Original Acrylic On Water Colour Paper: 175$ each

She also has prints available:

Prices Range From 15$- 36$ for prints

T.N Swan was nervous to bring his photographs in as he has never showcased his photography in the past. His talent is raw, yet so deeply pensive. When I explained to him my expectations of Barnacles, I explained how I really didn't want the typical "seaside, crashing waves" pictures. I wanted something deeper than that. I wanted to get so close to the crevices of the seaside that I could almost smell the stinky seaweed. And boy, did he deliver! His photographs show the dimensions of colour in the fibres of the moss, The optimism of life between the massive salty rocks, the abandon of a piece of driftwood thrown from the sea, now half covered in sparkly sand....and fabulous barnacles!

Seven(7) matted and framed 11" x 14" Pieces are available, however I have already chosen my favourite two!(below):


5" x 7" photograph, matted and framed to final 11" x 14" size: 75$ each

Gillian Fournier is currently a Senior at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA--Fabulous school, btw!) with a concentration in Photography. Last semester she found a wonderful how-to book on book-binding and design in the NHIA library and was thus entranced by the precious qualities that lay within the craft. Each is one of a kind and fabulous!

Two (2) examples of the Ego Frills books (below):


Ego Frill Book: 10$ each

Julie Cosgrove was hesitant in bringing in her charcoal piece to be submitted in the Charcoal Artist category at KAZA. It is a very personal piece to her and reflects a deep emotion as well as a sweet innocence. As I have mentioned before, art is such a personal thing and to display it, is like opening your soul for people to judge or find a connection with. If the piece is personal to you, it is even more difficult.


Charcoal: 300$

Mary at Earthway Soaps is incredible! Having worked with for over a year to find the "right" seaside scent, she has been bringing in new products in the same line that are so fabulous! Her soaps and room sprays are extremely popular here and we reorder very often. Now she has added a soft foamy soap to the collection and it is soooo fabulous! Another new thing; she added beach sand to the top of the soap, so it becomes an exfoliant. She is my chemist genius!

Seaside Soap by the slice: 5$
Seaside Spray: 10$
Seaside Foaming Soap: 12.50$

Barnacles will be showing until 14 September 2009! Make sure to stop by and check it out! :o)

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