Friday, September 4, 2009

And another thing!......

Not as grumpy as that sounds-lol- but there is more to tell you! :o)

What is KAZA up to now, you ask? Well, actually:

Executive Director of Project Laundry List, Alexander Lee, had called me a couple of weeks ago asking me if I would like to submit KAZA into the downtown window competition for a "green" design campaign. I am not a competitive person by nature, however when faced with competition, I do get a bit wild-eyed. I loooooooooooooooooove a good competition especially when it will push me creatively. I said yes! yes! yes! and didn't realize, somewhere in between all my "yeses" I volunteered to be on the planning committee!-lol- So, KAZA is out of the competition as it would not be fair, having known the window criteria a full week ahead of everyone else (Dolly Garnet! Put your wild eyes away, Lisa).

Picture taken by incredibly funny and adorably sweet, Arnie Arneson on her recent visit to St. Tropez, France--ain't nothin' tacky about those clotheslines, y'all!

**SIDE NOTE: my mother has a heavy French accent and her "y'all" is usually, "you hall"-lol-it's just one of those things that make me smile when I think of it**

So anyway...this event will be a really great way for downtown shops to come together to show support for a "greener" lifestyle. When I was a little girl in Canada, I remember always hanging the clothes outside. I loved the smell of the fresh air that would saturate my sheets. They can make "clean air" scented laundry sheets all they want, but it is not even close to the real thing. In Europe, people open their windows and hang their clothes freely without people pointing and saying, "what an eyesore!". No way... it's beautiful!

A woman hanging out towels in Spain

So, open your windows, breathe some air, enjoy the end of summer days and hang out some clothes-it's a beautiful thing!

Also, check out the window displays downtown from 17 September-21 September 2009

The winning window will be featured at the front of the Capital Building in Concord!

On another subject....

Well, the other day (yes, another story) I received an email from a student at NHIA. A recent Graduate, actually. He had heard about the 'barnacles' event and asked if it was too late to submit. Since the other ceramics artist felt she didn't have enough time, the event was going....ceramics-less(I know it is not really a word....but, it really is what fits). So, David Melnick (the above mentioned Graduate) contacted me and asked if it would be possible to still be part of 'barnacles' and I said, "sure...but I already wrote the blog and really could not add it on to the last post". He was fine with it and the next day came and brought some of his pieces here to display. I was out of the shop at the time, so when I opened said box of "goodies"--my jaw dropped.

Price: 295$ Wood-Fired Stoneware Hanging Sculpture

My first thought was to run in the streets with his pieces over my head screaming, "GENIUS!!!" but there were just too many pieces to carry at once. His pieces have a Steampunk influence to them (which I love love love) and an eccentric, funky, confidence that I just want to roll up in a ball and put in my pocket to look at whenever I need a punch of "creativity juice".

Price: 155$ Forms Combined -Soda Fired Stoneware (smaller)

Price: 225$ Forms Combined-Soda Fired Stoneware (large)

Textured Jar (small)
Soda-fired Porcelain

Textured Jar (larger)
Soda-fired Porcelain

**the lids on these have little bells inside!**

'Barnacles' will be showing through 14 September!

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Relics said...

That is so so SO cool.

Kaza Blog said...

Isn't David amazing? Pictures actually don't even give it justice--what a thrill to have his pieces of art here.

Thnx Deb! :o)