Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dear faithful subscribers, having subscribed to the KAZA blog to get some inside info--you also have had to endure listening to our crazy stories every month! So, we wanted to do a little somethin' somethin' (Or how my mother calls it, "une petite quel que chose") to show our gratitude!

What better way to show our gratitude than to have a sale!

When you ask?

13 October 2009- 17 October 2009

And, how will I know who to give the 25% discount to?

Well, typically a cartwheel or two upon entering the shop lets us know pretty quickly--however, you can always just mention the blog and we will know what you are talking about. ;o)

On another note, I am off to Canada again this weekend and Designer-Artist-Muralist- Creative Genius Extraordinaire, Sherry Burnett, of Burnett Designs will be redoing the windows while I am away. I did get a peak at some of the pieces going in and.....yipppeeeee!!! I am so excited to see what she comes up with!

I will post pictures when I get back and will include Sherry's Q & A and bio so you can get to know her a bit--she is sweet, funny & fabulous!

I love having the Designers and Design Students do the windows---it is so exciting for me and such a rest for my brain! Cyndi Rogers "Barnacles" windows were so fabulous and creative.

Speaking of windows.........aren't you curious who WON the Project Laundry List Best Window Display?? Da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (horns)

Concord Camera!

Aimee Leduc, Michael of Concord Camera and Cyndi Rogers (above)

Aimee Leduc of Lavender & Lotus Interior Designs and Cyndi Rogers of Mariposa Design did a fabulous job of designing this window display. Michael (owner of Concord Camera) and Suzanne (Manager of Concord Camera) were an absolute pleasure to work with. I think it makes a lot of difference when we have such a good experience with a company/business to encourage others to support that business--and I can tell you, after this experience, the designers and I agree we will definitely be doing business at Concord Camera in the future. As the winners of the event, Concord Camera recieved a Gift Certificate from The Common Man Restaurant and a beautiful "Green Together" Art Canvas by incredibly talented Artist, Peg Lipin (

There were 16 shops that had created displays for this competition. Luckily, Aimee Leduc of Lavender & Lotus Interior Design ( took fabulous pictures of some of the windows --thanks Aimee!

Caffenio's "Tea Shirt" and coffee filter garland was quite fabulous too!

The "Tea Shirt" is on display at KAZA--150 tea bags sewn onto a plain white t-shirt!

At Gondwana, the students from Rundlett Middle School created clothes made out of brown paper bags and wrote about what "bugged" them ecologically. I am happy to say, the future leaders are aware and ready to change the world!

Designer, Cyndi Rogers of Mariposa Designs (above),strings folded books for Gibson's Bookstore window display (below)

Bagel Works showed the transition from raw material (Shaw's Supermarket Plastic Bags, the process of weaving, and the finished product of Kathi Rienstra's fabulous recycled bags (below)--Kathi's bags are now for sale at KAZA (Plan ahead for Christmas!)

Lotions N Potions window display was adorable. Baby clothes all strung on the line with a fan blowing to create a sort of soft breeze--LOVE IT!

On another note, KAZA has been contributing to some articles in the Hippo Press recently (The first for Project Laundry List, another for the 3/50 Project and was asked to contribute some KAZA knowledge/experience to Home Accents Today Magazine (upcoming issue)! How cool is that? :o) what do we have?

*A Private "Faithful Subscriber" Sale
(Tuesday, 13 October 2009 - Saturday, 17 October 2009)

* Free slice o' Earthway soap for joining KAZA's Facebook--"No Facebook, No Soap for you!" (ala one of my favourite Seinfeld I aging myself?)

A bientot!