Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bonne Annee 2010

Wishing Peace & Funkiness for 2010

According to Google, there are 31,556,926 seconds in a year.

When I entered my 30's, it dawned on me that there are no "do overs" in life. I also realized how life doesn't really slow down for anyone to take a moment to synchronize our brain to catch up with the speed of life, erase mistakes or to do, say or react something over again. Kind of a bummer.

To take 300 uninterrupted, fully focused seconds of my life to hear my daughter talk about her dream or a funny story, sometimes seems impossible. But, as I look at her little face--I also know time does not slow down for her either and soon I will wish she would come home for those 300 seconds to just chat and tell me her dreams again.

To take 300 uninterrupted, fully focused seconds of my life and call my parents or my sister and not think about work or the shops inventory and window changes or the laundry that has to be done--because time does not slow down for them either and I know one day, I will wish for their words of wisdom after a difficult day.

I know this post seems like, kind of a downer--but for me, New Years is the one day that we can start fresh. So, I wanted to offer a suggestion for your New Years Resolution, this year, if I may:

We may not be able to get back the former 31,556,926 seconds, but we have a new 31,556,926 seconds to take and divide up, where it counts.

So, Bonne Annee 2010!
A toast to good health, happy heads and to hoping the next 31,556,926 seconds are the best yet!



Relics said...

I love that, that was so beautiful.
Thank you

Happy New Year to you and your little honey.


I loved that too....and certainly not a downer more like an "eye-opener"...WISHING YOU A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!! Judy

Kaza Blog said...

Thank you Deb & Judy----wishing you both a fabulous 2010! :o)