Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

Happy 2009!
I dont know about you, but I love celebrating the new year. I always feel like it is a fresh start... a new beginning. We are so excited about how KAZA is continuing to evolve and the new creative direction will be alot of fun for us. Bringing in our own designs is empowering and challenges us to push further in other creative directions. In our windows, we have learned to trust our instincts more and getting a bit more daring--trying not to follow the "norm" of design and to, hopefully, inspire people to stick a toe out of the box. So put your seatbelts and join us for the ride in 2009! yiipppeeee!! :)

First, the "Vintage Parisian" window:
Ok...I love flocking (black and white parisian wallpaper)--I know it can tend to be trendier than I would like to admit ---but it is so fabulously Parisian in all my dreams of Vintage Paris (Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly...Brigette Bardot...).

Fabulous Black/White room divider with Fuschia backing 285$
(This divider is a one-of-a-kind, KAZA Exclusive)

Little black floral metal lamp base 35$
(hanging flocking lampshade is sold seperatly)

Black High Gloss Antique Table: 50$

Fabulous Vintage Italiano antique dress from (c.1949)was created using a vintage AIDA opera libretto written in Italian/English. Pictures of an old Louvre art book were added and the piece was aged and given a flocking ruffle with a HUGE fabulous vintage rhinestone brooch. Our dress forms are hard to keep up with as they sell so fast and keeping up with orders for custom dress forms have been beyond our expectations. All are one-of-a-kind. Her name is: Aida (means 'happy' in Italian): 250$

Speaking of Bridget Bardot! Her music is the new music at the shop--love it! Did you even know Bridget Bardot could sing?? I love her fabulously retro french music. Her CD is available here: Bridget Bardot

The Transitional Window was one that I also really love alot. I love combining old/rustic pieces with high modern pieces. The vintage Syroco pieces were given a high gloss, modern black, the black wooden chairs were aged and the old wooden trunk was given a revamp with modern shiny chrome legs--perfect for a funky & unique side table. The pallet of soft blue and deep black is so gorgeous--and to combine the rustic wooden table was just the added texture the window needed.


Black chairs (2 available): 50$ each
Largest mirror 60$
Small Starburst mirror: 25$
Large ornate clock: 55$

Rustic/Modern end table: 125$
(another one-of-a -kind piece)

Soft Blue pillows: 15$ each (5 available)
Soft Granny Square Throw (locally made)- 65$

As we prepare the shop for Valentine's Day, we have already added few things:

We have added more Eiffel Towers in time for Valentine's Day (what is more romantic the the Eiffel Tower?). Il n'y a rien plus romantique que l'amour à Paris. And gorgeous pillows made with Kravet Designer Fabric (and a lush faux fur on reverse side.

To the many people that have come in or called looking for "the soap" that everyone is talking about (Cedar and Clove), I have ordered two more bricks of it and they will be in in February. For those who do not know, one of the girls that works here, Julianne, had mentioned how the cedar and clove helped clear her skin (I always thought she had fabulous skin anyway...but she swears by the cedar and clove) and the word has gotten around and it is something we receive phone calls about almost every day. I called up Mary from Earthway Soaps and made an order for more of the Cedar and Clove along with some new scents she is coming out with. I LOVE her soaps. They smell fabulous and are very organic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year when I am scheduled to order more soaps and she comes in with her samples! I am like a kid in a candy store! :)

Happy January and stay warm!