Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to brighten up a "blah" day.....

Have a KAZA Giveaway! OK...yeah that was a little "fromage-y". But seriously, I personally love winning things and know you do too! So, this giveaway will be drawn a few days before Easter and is effective immediately. Winners will be notified via email and the winners name will be posted on the blog, once the drawing is held. :o)

Well....Easter as a woman; getting chocolate is great (ALWAYS). But, the guilt after consuming an entire Van Otis Peanut Butter Egg, in one sitting, can really be depressing. So, I have created a basket of "France". Filled with wonderful French things and is valued at 200$(!!), the winner will be chosen randomly--so sign up quick! (*sign up sheet at desk)

Antique Crate
Sharon Cloud Lavender Large Pillow Sachet
Sharon Cloud Lavender Bundle Sachet
French Lavender Bouquet
Brie Baker (fromage, anyone?)
Birch Tree Candle Holder
Terre E Provence GORGEOUS French Platter
And of course, a KAZA Tour Eiffel, en rouge

*No Purchase Required

Now...lets talk windows!
I am sooo slow this month with writing on the blog about the windows--oy!

Ok, first window --(it's OK to drop your jaw, no one can see you reading this) is a FABULOUS original Plycraft (not a reproduction) chair and ottoman.

Some have argued it is leather while others have argued it is a soft buttery creme vinyl--my point: It is fabulous! Well, honestly...there is other vintage "stuff" in the window, but really...they matter not, when compared to this piece. People have been stopping in asking about this piece and it has, rightfully, received TONS of attention.

The second window? Beautiful Countryside Provencal

This loveseat is so gorgeous with it's big floral bouquets and rich palette. The little antique side table has a textured and antiqued finish to it. I can see this display in a french farmhouse near a garden terrace.

Speaking of a garden terrace--I love planting some of my vegetable garden in beautiful pots on the terrace. Big tomatoes, fresh basil, green and red peppers, fresh jalapeno..... --Spring is coming. Spring is coming. Spring is coming.(clicking my heels together)

THE soap is here (and alot more too!)-For all the people calling about the Cedar and Clove soap (for acne prone skin), it has arrived! Mary, from Earthway came with her bundles of gorgeous soaps and I have been busy cutting since the first day she brought them in! There are alot of new scents --you will LOVE it!

Now the shop gets ready for "Paques" (Easter) and our tree is full of Turquoise, Hot Pink & Amy Butler Pattern Eiffel Towers! Our chocolate Eiffel Towers will be in the shop by Mid-March, just in time for Easter. There is a limited quantity, so make sure you check them out! a quick browse of the shop to see some of the new pieces--see if anything catches your eye!

Love the birdcage--great as a terrarium for plants!

Easter pillows! Sneak Preview: The small mosaic piece from Lizz Van Saun--she is a fabulous mosaic artist! She brought in a few pieces and will be KAZA's Featured Artist in June!

Speaking of previews: Sarah Chakarian-Swan has her art here on display until Mid-May (her reception is in Early May)--it is refreshing and light and happy and you need to see it in person. She has some pieces that are just exquisite!

Fabulous Old Turkish Olive Oil Pot. From what I understand, they put these jugs in the ground to infuse the dimension of flavours of the olives. Love it!

That large Mosaic Silver/Charcoal Vase is so dramatic. It measures over 2' High and would look fabulous on a fireplace mantle! Made in India

Look at all those yummy soaps!!!

I love this section now--a sort of Retro French (think Brigitte Bardot!) Always finding the funky!
Well, that's all, kids! Come in to put your name on the giveaway and Bonne Chance!