Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Russian In Paris.....

I have had some conversations with some of you regarding my love for ruffles. Not just a surface, "Oh, I really like ruffles" kind of chit chat. I am talking about my soul baring LOVE for ruffles. I even wrote about it in the KAZA Loves Design! blog.

Remember Carrie Bradshaws’ dress (final season of Sex in the City) when she was in Paris, waiting for the Russian? I seriously think I fainted the first time I saw it. It still makes me gasp during re-runs. Exquisite. That dress was Haute Couture Versace and I cannot get it out of my soul.

So....what's a girl to do?

Make a pillow!

Actually, several and offer them up to our wonderful and faithful KAZA customers to purchase, display on their bed and dream of wearing that exquisite gown. (TIP: if you lie your head next to the pillow and sort of glance on the side, it will actually feel like you are lying in the sea of Versace ruffles) Ahhhh.....a sea of ruffles--what a beautiful thought.

I don't typically spill inventory beans early, but I had to post these fast (4 sold yesterday) and are limited quantity.

Also available in Creme:

Ciao bella(s)!


Botany's Desire said...

I normally am not a ruffle girl, but these are lovely. If you even make some in grey or black I will take 2!