Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ssshhhhh......Secret Faithful Subscriber Sale Going On Now!

Our awesome shopgirl, Julianne, had thought we should make up a silly phrase, like a secret code, in order to recognize our Faithful Subscribers. And, although I feel our Faithful Subscribers are very brave, I don't know if they would be brave enough to say something silly for a 20% discount. So, the typical cart wheel, upon entering the shop, will be fine... or just a Blog/Facebook mention, will do.

Now, for the uber-brave (and for an extra 10% off)I think, "Pecans and pickles pack a powerful punch" should guarantee you 30% off!

(*20%-30% off one item only, so make it a good one!*)

Some examples of what 20% (or even 30%!!) look like, you ask?

KAZA's natural edge cutting boards in either Birds Eye Maple Or Cherry
Regular Price: 25$-35$
Sale Price: (-20%) 20$-28$ / (-30%) 17.50$-24.75$

Earthway's Fabulous Room Sprays
Regular Price: 12.50$
Sale Price: (-20%) 10$ / (-30%) 8.75$

Moroccan Vases
Regular Price: 115$
Sale Price: (-20%) 92$ / (-30%) 80.50$

Oh no, she didn't! Ah-huh....yup...even the big guys!

Gorgeous, amazing armoire:
Regular Price: 1750$
Sale Price: (-20%) 1400$ / (-30%) 1225$

Beautiful Grey Hutch:
Regular Price: 325$
Sale Price: (-20%) 260$ / (-30%) 227$

Sale Ends Saturday (20 March 2010)

*Sale Excludes All Jewelry & Kathi Rienstra Bags**

Ciao Bella(s)!



Relics said...

I love that hutch!

Grey is so lovely-- pretty pretty pretty