Friday, April 16, 2010

La fièvre du printemps...

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."
- William Shakespeare

Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Ignore the snow on your windshield this morning--it is just a test to see if we are truly ready for warm and yummy sunshine.

This morning a customer came in and told me she had a sunburn from yesterday and woke up to find snow on her car. "It's New Hampshire" she said, shrugging off any suggestion of shock and irritation. Yes...this New Hampshire weather has quite the sense of humour, eh?

OK! Let's talk KAZA!

We just finished up a window last night and there is something about it that makes me so happy. It is youthful, fun and charming (with always a bit of KAZA Kookiness). I call the window, "Little Mod Riding Hood". The yellow chair is simply gorgeous. I love the combination of the formal chair, the fabulously upcycled vintage tiered table and Aida looking especially "Little Red Riding Hood" with her red, vintage raw silk ruffle.

"Little Mod Riding Hood", straight on view

Those round circles on the wall? Embroidery hoops, of course! Just a few swatches of your favourite coordinating fabrics and a few inexpensive embroidery hoops (in different sizes) can tie a funky room together and can be changed any time you want (especially good for the commitment phobe).

"Little Mod Riding Hood", side view

Price List:
Yellow Chair: 125$
Upcycled Tiered Table: 85$
Antique Aida Dressform: 225$
Metal Flower Lamp: 45$
Embroidered pillow: (already spoken for, as of this morning)

The next window is also very fresh and also is accented in yellow (I am slightly obsessed with yellow these days)!

The Danish Modern Chair has been recently reupholstered in a crisp bleached white duck fabric (which is completely removable and machine washable).

The glass terrarium is actually a funnel turned upside down (ala Matthew Meade's Seminar at Company C, last month!). I finally got a chance to meet him and thank him in person for being so great at spreading word about KAZA, when we first opened the shop almost 3 years ago. He is incredibly sweet and down-to-earth and his new magazine, "Flea Market Style" is a must have! My copy is full of coloured tabs of all his great ideas!

Oops! Shiny object...back to the window!
The antique secretary was revamped with a soft baby blue paint, yellow ceramic and bronze knobs and a vintage map backsplash.

"Maps?", you say? Well, yes. I am, at this very moment, obsessed with them. Well, ruffles had me all gooey for so long --but after making all those ruffled pillows and the stress of keeping up with orders, I had to find a new obsession (I couldn't look at a ruffle for weeks!). So...maps...ahhh...vintage maps, is my new obsession! Paper chains in the window? Maps...

Here are a few others at KAZA:

Do you see how distracted I get with maps, now? I forgot to mention the window price list!

Price List for Window:

Danish Modern Chair: 175$
Secretary Desk: 225$
Rare Wood Round Table: 85$
Glass Funnel Terrarium: 65$

Moving on...
There is a ton of things to talk about!

KAZA Music for April 2010:

I love this CD---it is mostly in Hebrew and I don't understand anything, but it is beautiful. Interior Design student, Vicky Frazier had let me borrow a CD last year and Yael Naim was on it and I have loved her music ever since. (Mucho gusto, Vicky!)

Actually, I mentioned Vicky was an Interior Design Student, but as of tomorrow, she will be a Graduate! Other students that have helped us with our window displays, that are graduating on Saturday from NHIA are: Cyndi Rogers, Sherry Burnett, Janet Prisk & Ellie Davis!

Congratulations, Ladies!

Look out world, here they come! :o)

For those who are interested in pursuing Interior Design, I highly recommend NHIA's Interior Design Program. It is challenging, incredibly informative and you leave there ready to Design as a career.

Did you know KAZA is on Facebook? Become a Fan today! You learn alot of insider scoops as they happen, almost daily! Like what? Like, Local Artisan Kitty Stoykovich mentioning us on Concord TV's, "Art In Focus"! we did some beautiful tables for a hot new Hair Salon that just opened in Concord, called Salon Lavena! Or how....mmmm....not yet....that news is kinda big and will be announced on both the blog and Facebook.

Don't forget the The Sharon Cloud Trunk Show next week!

Ciao Bella(s)!