Friday, May 14, 2010

My head is spinning!

First off, the Sharon Cloud Trunk Show went incredibly well---was a huge success and I also learned alot. Sharon is a genius. It's that simple. Everything this woman touches, is fabulous. I need about 10 Sharon Cloud's; One for French Moutarde (the BEST mustard I have ever had in my thirty-something years of life), lavender bundles, botanicals, parfum, textiles, pillows, bees wax, honey, etc...

She brought in a second batch of moutarde 2 days ago and it has already sold out! It is amazing stuff! (The lonely one on the picture has been spoken for by a phone order). But don't worry, I am on it! I have left a message for more. :o)

Last night was so much fun! KAZA had an Art Reception for McGowan's Artist, Barbara Carr and what a great turn out it was!

Barbara made homemade Tapenade (both green and black olive) and it smelled amazing. No, the show was not about Tapenade, sillies, but it made a strong impression (the shop still smelled fabulous, this morning!). Barbara is an incredible talent and I love having her here.

A sample of some of Barbara Carr's work, featured here at KAZA

Barbara's artwork will be featured at KAZA from 6 May 2010-27 May 2010

During the reception, we had models in the front windows wearing vintage Haute Couture, courtesy of Arnie Arneson. If you read a couple of posts prior to this one, you will read all about her aunt, the original owner of these gorgeous pieces. It is a fascinating story and makes me appreciate them even more.

The models....they did an amazing job. I, literally, had goosebumps and was so incredibly proud. They were both gorgeous and their professionalism floored me. The fabulous Parisian backdrops were done by Barbara Carr, btw!

In the first scene, we had Moulin Rouge; recently slipcovered chaise, vintage light fixtures which came from an old 1920's restaurant, Paper windows Treatments (hey, it's KAZA! Who else would mix paper drapes with vintage Haute Couture?), the amazing gownssssssss and Model, Katherine Rivard (she was breathtaking!). This window was incredible.

Collage of Model, Katherine Rivard posing inside the KAZA window

Model, Victoria Grabowski was in the Parisian Bistro Window. She looked beyond fabulous! Reading the French newspaper, "Le Monde" and wearing vintage Pucci...ooh-la-la!

Collage of Model, Victoria Grabowski in KAZA living window display

*Hairstyling, courtesy of Amanda, Hairarchy Salon in Concord (right next door to KAZA!)

On a design note, I added the paper drapes because I really thought it was important for people to look "in" the windows, rather than look "at" the windows. That extra layer really gives it another dimension, allowing the onlookers to feel separated and transported to a very different environment and era.

I am still smiling....what a great event!

Btw, I just learned how to do collages, as you probably have realized at this point-lol-let me know if it is more annoying, than good. There was so much to talk about and I had "a ton & two" pictures I wanted to share with all of you and thought this was a good way to do it. If you want a closer look, double click on the picture and it will enlarge. :o)

Some examples of new inventory at KAZA (yes..another collage):

All the jewelry artists have brought in more gorgeous pieces! Btw, Did you know one of our Jewelry Artists, Kitty Stoykovich was featured on Art In Focus, Concord TV?(click here to watch the interview!) She mentioned KAZA too! (Thanks Kitty!)

Also, reordered lavender smoke bundles already! Lavender smoke bundles: Drop 2-3 lavender stems in water for 20 minutes than put them on the grill along with your favourite veggie or meat and voila! Suddenly you are a gourmet! (150 stem bundles for 5$)

I have also brought in some greeting cards with pictures of Paris. What an amazing talent! An incredible eye! ...ok ok, blah blah, I took them :oP (hee hee)

Honestly, you really cannot go wrong taking pictures in Paris---everything looks like art!

Ahhh...the music! Everyone has been asking about this music!

Yann Teirsen is the featured music at KAZA for the month of May! Love it!

And now for being so patient and reading this whole post, I will reward you chère faithful subscribers with some inside info--a sort of "heads up!", if you will:

As you know, KAZA closes on Saturdays, starting 5 June until September.

It's not official yet, BUT! 15 June 2010-19 June 2010, KAZA will be having a "Marche Aux Puce" or a sort of Market Day (week long, actually--but it doesn't sound as good calling it Market Week, eh?). So, I thought we would do something special and have a "Marche Aux Puce". So, what does this mean?? For the week of "KAZA's Marche Aux Puce", we will be emptying out our warehouse (probably half of it, anyway) to make room for new stuff and will be bringing it HERE for a week long event! It will be 90% furniture (no smalls) and more will be brought in daily. But once something is gone, it is gone. AND!!! The furniture will be 20% off the ticketed price! (*Designers get an additional 10% off) I would love for this to be a yearly event (so we can keep shopping and filling that warehouse with groovy new finds!). So! Expect your postcards soon!

Ciao Bella(s)!