Sunday, June 20, 2010

Merci Mille Fois!

KAZA's Premiere Annual Marche Aux Puce is finished!

I wanted to thank you, sweet faithful KAZA customers for coming to our first Marche Aux Puce and making it so much fun!

I honestly never expected such a great turn-out. For me, it was like a big party with friends. People were bumping into each other, laughing and having a good time. It was noisy and messy and such a great and crazy experience. The thing that touched me was how people were excited about this Marche. I was excited---and you got it. You understood, accepted it and also became excited.

We are totally making this a yearly event!

And I learned alot of things:
1. Next year, hire help!!
2. You guys are a bunch of crazy shoppers! I will need to organize better and bring even more stuff!
3. FOOD! I forgot to feed y'all!
4. You guys are crazy shoppers....did I mention that already?

With everything that sold, it made us realize it is a perfect time to reconfigure the shop again! How refreshing! With that in mind, I will be taking some time off next week to organize my brain and plan. SO excited about the changes to come!

See you soon!

Ciao Bella(s)!


Relics said...

Wish I could have stopped by-

What a fab event indeed...!