Thursday, July 29, 2010

Enter KAZA's "I Smell Fabulous" Contest!

I was sitting at the shop today, writing my 17th "last-minute-things-to-do-before-we -leave-for-Europe" list and it dawned on me that KAZA's 3rd Birthday passed by, without any sort of mention on the blog! OY!


Happy 3rd Birthday KAZA and a big ginormous hug to all our faithful customers who have supported us throughout the last 1095 days.
You're Awesome!

While I am thinking of the last 1095 days, it makes me think of all the people I have met since opening...which made me think of all our conversations....which made me think of subjects we usually talk about.

So....I wanted to have a contest of how much you know KAZA! A bit of KAZA Trivia, if you will! One lucky winner will receive a fabulous basket, which will include wonderful Earthway Soap Products and a 50$ Gift Certificate to KAZA!

So, I will now announce the official rules of KAZA's "I Smell Fabulous" contest:

Rules of the game:
1. Grab a paper and write your contact info, so I can call if you win.
2. Answer the questions as detailed as you can (guess if you have to!)
3. Bring to the shop and stick it in the mail slot (unless someone is here, then just bring it in-lol) or email me your answers via:

And, Voila! You are entered to win KAZA's "I Smell Fabulous" contest! here we go!

Question #1: What does KAZA mean?

Question #2: Where did I go to design school?

Question #3: How long has KAZA been open? (think about this one)

Question #4: Our dressform, "Tallulah" is made with pages of the Concord phone book. From what letter to what letter in the phone, does it include? (Hint: It starts with the letter "A" and goes to letter...?")

Question #5: Where do I live?

Question #6: How long have I had David (my beloved statue on the desk)?

EXTRA CREDIT: Name a shop that was at this location before KAZA

There are some really tough questions in there, but most of the answers can be found in the blog--while others are from our conversations together! :)

Give it a try and maybe you can be the winner of KAZA's "I Smell Fabulous" contest!

Good Luck to you!

*Winner will be announced when I return from Europe, Late August- Early September 2010*

Ciao Bella(s)!