Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th and other juicy stuff!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are enjoying your summers so far. Lots to talk about today. Grab your iced coffee, meet me back here and get comfy. Some good stuff a'happenin' at KAZA!

We have been a tad busy here at KAZA, as many of you already know. The Marche Aux Puce was incredibly fun, noisy, messy, slightly wacky--and aren't those the ingredients for an awesome event?

After the Marche, we took a week off for the triple C's (collapse, clean & collapse again)and came back refreshed from the extra Vitamin D! AND we are already organizing our next wonderful event!

Now, just because we were enjoying the triple C's, does not mean we did nothing all week. The truth be known, we were also hanging Artist, Peg Lipin's gorgeous artwork in preparation for her upcoming Art Reception!

A bit about Artist, Peg Lipin:

Why Do I Paint?

There’s only one answer – I have to. All the colors of the world, the wonders that we see every day……they all pull me in.
There is little to equal the transformation of blank canvas.
With each painting, I seek to put “life” itself, along with color into all my work.

My paintings and fabric work have hung in Bedford and Hooksett Libraries, in Concord coffee shops and banks, and in juried and non-juried exhibits in Manchester and Goffstown, NH.
I have done outdoor murals in Manchester, NH, and I am presently displayed with other artists in the “Traveling Panel Project” in the greater Manchester, NH area.

I have studied watercolor painting in Wake Forest, NC. In Manchester, NH, I studied colored pencil and silverpoint with Jeanne LaChance. I am presently taking classes with Kim Roth, an acrylic painter.

-Peg Lipin

WHEN: Thursday, 8 July 2010 4pm -7pm

Artwork, Cheese, crackers, wine and LIVE MUSIC from Blues & Jazz Musician, Matt Fuller! Now that my friends, is the makings of a fabulous event!

Please join us in celebrating Concord's local talent!

Now let's talk us some KAZA windows!

The first window is called, "Blushing Bride". It is sweet, stylish & sassy! The new generation of Brides are not going for typical white on white on white on white. They want soft muted colour palettes, eclectic design...simple, unfussy and oh so Bohemian!

To go with this theme, we worked with local Artisan, Mary from Earthway soap to create a line of "Blushing Bride" products. The perfect gift for an upcoming Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner gifts for the Bridesmaids or just that little something between a mother and daughter on her special day. This line is gorgeous, smells amazing and is available at KAZA as a Limited Edition! From sugar scrubs to soaps to body sprays---this is a fabulous gift!

The next window is "Turkish Bazaar"---The rich colours, scents, flavours and textures of Turkey are breathtaking. In the Grande Bazaar,in Istanbul, there are stacks of rugs and kilims, ceramics and pottery...and nothing is planned or designed visually, to merchandise their products. It is simply beautiful. Baklava, anyone?

*speaking of Baklava--we went to South Street Market in Concord and oh my goshhhhh---amazingly good baklava! Leave some for us though, eh?

KAZA's music for the month has been Paris Combo! (Love them!)

A few people came into the shop and said they saw us mentioned in New Hampshire Magazine as one of the Best of 2010. I had not seen it yet, but did a bit of research and was so happy to see the nice things that were written (thanks LB!):

Shabby Chic Revival: Facebook Kaza, because once you meet the talented owner, Lisa Swan, you’ll be a regular. This Concord shabby chic interior design and gift store (202 South Main St., 244-9445) has European class without the snobbery or high prices. Unusual items include a set of three eggs made of cement and perfect for a boss' desk - locally made soaps wrapped in pages from Russian text books, hand-sewn toss pillows, old classic books with yellow faded pages folded in intricate patterns and much more, including sparkling hanging Eiffel Towers. You'll even find funky furniture. The store window is always changing and at times may include live models! Do yourself a favor and get on Kaza's e-mail list for discount prices, decorating advice and a few laughs.

Isn't that nice? We are super proud to have KAZA included with such a great group, this year! Merci Beaucoup!! :)

I think that is it, kids...

Happy 4th of July to you and your families. Stay safe and enjoy this gorgeous weather. Me? I am off to Coaticook, Canada to visit my parents and have some delicious (yes..I know, I know) Coaticook ice cream! It is only 3 1/2 hours away from Concord and well worth a trip to the Coaticook Laiterie (they also make the BEST squeaky poutine cheese!)

Ciao Bella(s)