Monday, August 30, 2010

À Bientôt, Europe---

This is the last post about our European Adventure and I wanted to give my final thoughts. This holiday was memorable, to say the least. To be able to spend so much time with my daughter on this trip, to support something she has worked so hard for, made me incredibly proud.

The most memorable times were; the view from the Liszt Music School every morning and her face the first time she saw the Eiffel Tower. All our little sparkly Eiffel Towers that we make at KAZA....she "gets it" now. :)

(*These will be available again, at KAZA, for Christmas!*)

The last few days were spent just hanging at cafe's, shopping and enjoying our final days in beautiful Paris. We stopped by the Louvre for a few hours to see some brilliance up close.

"The Crowning Of Napoleon". This painting was ginormous and incredibly beautiful! Look at the people near it to get a sense of the scale--amazing!

It is surreal to see these paintings, in real life, in a pass-by setting. Each piece deserve hours of appreciating, but it was so overwhelming to try and wrap your brain around what you are actually seeing, it was truly impossible.

I had been before to the Louvre, but really wanted to show my daughter. When we initially entered the first room of Italian sculptures, she said, "let's take our time and really look at each piece in the museum slowly". Six hours later....and only seeing a fraction of the museum, we waved our little white flags, got some quiche and called it a day.

The ceilings were amazing!

We re-visited the twinkling Eiffel Tower on our last night and talked about everything we saw---

Good bye, Eiffel Tower. We loved watching you twinkle from our hotel room and hearing the accordion players at night.

Good bye, Mr. Accordion Player--you set the mood perfectly!

Good Bye, Pont Alexandre III--you are always the most beautiful bridge in Paris.

Good bye, cute & funky little cafe's (this one taken for LVS--beautiful mosaics!)

Good Bye, Parisian Flea Market (Marche Aux Puce)

Good bye, Street painters that wore baseball caps rather than the Parisian berets we had expected.

Good bye, Cathedrals--stay magnificent!

And of course good bye to our beloved Weimar, Germany. Your history, charm, friendliness and Wasser Spritzig have changed us forever.xox

Good bye, interesting German exit signs

À Bientôt, Europe!

Oh yeah....we stopped in Canada for a few days to get our brain back to normal and to visit my parents a bit, before coming back to NH.

and for a little Poutine!

The best Poutine cheese is right here in Coaticook!

It's good to be home.

KAZA is open tomorrow!

Ciao Bella(s)!