Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guten Tag, from Germany, Faithful KAZA subscribers!

WHEW! Finally I have internet!
Well, I have been here for several days now and have finally gotten myself into a routine; sleeping, eating...have found some favourite spots, etc. This has been quite the adventure so far.

I found a cute little antique shop chock full of goodies! The furniture is sooo inexpensive, I am going crazy trying to find a way to send it home without it costing me a mortgage pymnt! grrrrr!

We first stopped in Paris and then took a flight out to Germany. Once we were in Frankfurt, we were really surprised at how many people do not speak English or French! This has been the most difficult part for us, honestly. Very difficult to communicate. So, if you are ever coming to Germany and people tell you, "ahh...don't worry about it, everyone there speaks English", it is not true!-lol

Luckily, I had a wonderful customer let me borrow a German book for my trip. My nose has been glued to it since! Danke, sweet faithful customer (you know who you are!)

Now I am in Weimar sitting in the hotel Elephant (very nice, btw--overlooks the courtyards).

Hotel Elephant is the one with the flags in the front

My daughter takes piano classes at the Liszt Music School, literally a 2 minute walk from the hotel. She has had 5 hour practice days, Master classes and I have sat through them all (oy!).

But, we still have gotten a chance to take in some of the local "knows".

First, Weimar is gorgeous...adorable! Like a postcard, honestly.

Our first day here, we went to the square and bought a bratwurst and pomme frite from a vendor (very clean, btw) and sat on the bench listening to a German man with a guitar, singing old German songs. We looked at each other and wanted to cry. It seriously has been picture perfect since getting here (other than internet access).

First perfect day!

Naughty food

And not so naughty food. We did both ;)

Breakfast is in the beautiful courtyard at the hotel and is delicious! Perfect weather....even when it is is still just perfect.

So, from now I will post every day until we get to Paris. As most of you know, David on my desk always looking fabulous. He has been with me since I was 13 years old and goes everywhere with me. Well, of course I could not bring him physically---(his big head would not fit on my carry-on!)So, I have made a "Flat David" and will be sharing the adventure with him, as well!

David on the bus from Frankfurt to Weimar

Also, the shop is open this week!

Ciao Bella(s)!