Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainy day in Weimar--

Today we visited some museums and went window shopping a bit in between classes. I love to see the style here. I can say, alot of black (I fit right in!) and everyone wears scarves no matter how hot it is. I tried it for one day and I think my neck lost 3 lbs (lol)--I think, for me, scarves will be a colder weather thing.

We went to a bakery and I tried my first Streudel. Yummier than I thought and not so sweet. I like the crispy bits on the top. I know...all this naughty food, right? Well, one thing is there seems to be no elevators here (lol)---so my butt is getting the workout! Actually at the school, we must walk up 3 (actually 6, in my opinion), then walk down 2 flights to get to the practice rooms. We do this several times per day.

I deserve...have earned this streudel (lol) was apple streudel.

Tonight, we are off to a concert and then a lecture on music theory.

Ciao Bella(s)!