Saturday, August 21, 2010

Salut from the Arc de Triumphe!

Bonjour faithful KAZA customers!

Busy, busy, busy these days in Paris!

This week we went on the Eiffel Tower (at night), Bateaux Mouche (boat ride on the River Seine) to see some beautiful architecture. We went to the Arc De Triumphe and then took a stroll down the Champs Elysees.

This, for me, was a KAZA trip down the Champs Elysees, actually.

I was looking at window displays, styles...trying to absorb as much as I could! I can honestly say that ruffles are HUGE here! Everything has ruffles! Ruffles and Roman-style sandles--ginormous in the European fashion world. Had I not been over my ruffle obsession, I may have collapsed on the ground and you would have heard about me on the news!-lol

Some fab windows:

Pink, Gold and Bridget Bardot...does it get any better?

Guerlain Paris--this picture does not do this window justice!

Now maybe they have a Sworovski store in New York, but I have never seen one before. I was amazed by the crystal stairs! Talk about some major blingage!

We went to the Marche and of course I bought a few things (have you gone mad?!?)--

I wish I could have organized shipping things back, better. The prices were up and down. The Parisian Brocantes/Marche Aux Puce's of yesteryear have passed and most vendors know what people are there for. The pickings were slim, in this Marche, honestly--but I did score some very good finds. Some will go to KAZA, some will come home to mama. I will put a special tag on the ones from the Marche. :o)

I will be back to Paris though. Furniture is my focus next time---1000% (prices were better than smalls)! There are some very unique pieces that really need to come to KAZA.

On a food note, in Canada, my family always bought the pastry, Mille-Feuille (a thousand leaves) in little wrapped packets. Tasty, yeah....but the real ones are amazing!

I know...naughty food. But we climbed these today...

...and felt guilt-free on every bite!

Until next time!

Ciao Bella(s)!