Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Sum-tumn!

Bonjour Faithful KAZA Subscribers!~

This time of year is truly my favourite. The in-between-point before Summer comes to an end and Autumn officially begins.

It is truly the best of two worlds! We can still mow our grass and have barbequed dinners without having mosquitoes attacking us. We can still take weekends away and go to the beach after work.... and since we are entering the new season, we can now wear our yummy sweaters to the beach and everything smells "pumpkin-y" everywhere we go.

Happy "Sum-tumn", Bella(s)!

My sweet escape from life--the back view from my parents home in Canada (My grandfather built that lake!)

After our wonderful trip overseas, it's nice to be back to this beautiful Country. We did bring some goodies back from a Marche Aux Puce that was being held under the Pont Alexandre III, in Paris. Even though much has already been scooped up, there are still some fabulous things available with the little tag indicating it was a "Marche Aux Puce Find".

Some new things at KAZA:

Sweet packaged guest soaps from Durance in France 5$ for a pack of 3 in patchouli, lavender, verbena, and rose scents

Our little "Dead Fairies" are so cute and each one is unique and made by us, here at KAZA! 5$ each

Poetic Table--love this! We stamped each letter (with a hammer!) to write the poem by the late Jane Kenyon, of New Hampshire; Finding A Long Grey Hair. Something about Jane's writing really moves me and I was talking to Artist, Gail Smuda about Jane Kenyon's poetry the other day and she mention this poem, specifically.

It reads:

I scrub the long floorboards
in the kitchen, repeating
the motions of other women
who have lived in this house.
And when I find a long grey hair
floating in the pail,
I feel my life added to theirs.
-Jane Kenyon

I love this table. It is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. 135$

Speaking of Gail Smuda, she recently brought in these fabulous felted bracelets and I loved them!

I love having them in the shop. They make me feel artsy, (without the fartsy). The fabulous bracelets are only $17.50 each!

Gail actually has a show at the Derryfield School, Lyceum Gallery in Manchester called Text & Textiles along with the fabulously talented Laura Morrison. ---2 September - 15 October 2010 with a Reception this Friday night (24 September) from 5pm - 7pm! Check it out!

Speaking of Artists and Receptions (always a segway, eh?), many of you have mentioned how you really like the new photographs on the wall, here at KAZA. He is the very talented (and local) Artist, Eli Goodwin. I will post more about him very soon but I will mention how interesting his pieces are. There is no photoshopping with this artist, he just has amazing patience and timing. Sometimes we pass through life and are so busy we miss half of it. Talking to Eli, he has seen it. He has absorbed it. He has appreciated the small, unnoticed details that we pass by in everyday life. Whenever I see an amazing sunset or a moment I wished I had my camera, I always say, "ahhh....I guess I will just have to wait until I get to heaven to see it again"---but Eli captures moments like those. Do you get it? Isn't that cool? Come check them out and you will totally know what I am talking about.

Getting ready to change windows---and will write again when they are finished!

In the meantime, enjoy your "Sum-tumn", have a barbeque, mow your lawn, instead of going home after work spend a late afternoon at the seaside and watch the sun set (don't forget your hot cocoa and cozy sweater!), close your eyes and whisper your "good byes" to Summer 2010. :)

Ciao Bella(s)!