Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Artist Reception For Eli Goodwin!

When: Thursday, 11 November
What time: 4pm-7pm
Where: KAZA!

Everyone who comes in, mentions Eli's photography. He captures moments, that we all wish we could capture. I have been able to get to know Eli a bit while working together and what a nice and incredibly interesting Man. It really has been such a pleasure working with him.

A little message from Eli:

I love finding myself out in Nature and getting lost in it. Time stops: Peace coexists with a certain intensity of awareness. Nature in the broadest sense includes everything: a person, a leaf, a reflection. Anything from dramatic vistas to quite ordinary places may be visually compelling to me. The instant I choose to photograph remains an inspired moment for me---it frames my life for good.

I am intrigued that whatever I encounter will never again appear exactly as I find it. There is always visual magic waiting to be noticed.

I don't "capture" pictures. There is a working relationship between Nature and me---and between me and the camera, once Nature and I agree. A third essential element is the implicit participation of the viewer.

My art is both solitary and communal. At heart, I haven't changed from the little boy who wants to say to a friend, "Hey, look here!"
I want these images to do more--and less than--speak for themselves. I invite you to eavesdrop on my conversation with nature and perhaps, stimulate your own; to explore the essence of the seen, the sense of how it looks "right now".

Thanks, sincerely, for taking a look.
-Eli Goodwin

Isn't he cool? So, come on out to KAZA, Thursday night for some munchies, wine, cider, shopping and to meet the Artist, Eli Goodwin!

Ciao Bella(s)!