Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, so you did the Black Friday thing, the black Saturday thing but you still did not find that one gift that "so-and-so" is just gonna love, right? (he didn't really expect to find something unique in those big box stores, did you?)

So what are you going to do about finding a gift for that creative, hard-to-shop-for person in your life?

Give a KAZA Gift Certificate!

The KAZA Gift Certificate comes in a black box lined in moss (funky, eh?), ready to wrap for Christmas!

**Comes in every "size" you need! 5$,25$,50$...or even 102$**
(I have a good pen and can write any amount in the little box)**

So, stop in at KAZA and grab a KAZA Gift Certificate and make your Holidays less about the running around and more about the "ahhh....look at that fireplace".

And while you are out and about---check out the other shops in Downtown Concord!

Shop Local This Holiday Season, Bella's.
Trust me, it will keep those beautiful smiles on your faces the season through. :o)

Ciao Bella's!