Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleigh Bells Ring....

Are YOU Listening?

Me?!? I have been sitting with my earplugs, refusing to let go of the summer sweetness. But alas, the earplugs must be removed and I must accept....*gulp*...winter.

Every year, y'all hear me whinin' about winter, blah blah blah...I know, I know.
So, what's a girl gotta do?

Create some "In-Your-Face-Winter!", Winter Wonderland windows, of course!

These were actually fun to make. I will not lie, my fingers still hurt from cutting so many snowflakes. Ok, that was a lie --my daughter cut most of them. But the planning was brutal (again...not really). The Snowflake Tree Window was from a dream I had that woke me up at 2:34am and had me scrambling for paper in the dark (For Real!). I love it! It looks like a lace tree, but is actually made with cut paper doilies! Cool, eh?

So much to talk about, Bella(s)! So, grab your hot cocoa and Snuggie and lets sit together and chat a bit.

New products available for Christmas that I think will make you so proud that you shop here (with alot more to come!):

Amy Butler Reversible Headbands! Only 10$ Each

Bacon Chocolate Lollipops (ah-huh, your eyes are not fooling you!) They are actually Vegan! $2.50 each

Vintage Designer Neckties (Versace, Armani, Dior, Valentino, etc) 20$ each!

Cedar Smudges (for the people that like a good smudging) $5 each

Parisian Wallpaper Pegs (set of 6 for 5$!)

A Modern Girls Vintage Sewing Kit (Includes: Vintage thimble, vintage fabric pin cushion, thread, pins, needler, scissors, tape measure & sparkly buttons!) 15$

Sirop D'Erable (Maple Syrup) from Coaticook, Canada! 10$

Some new fabulous jewelry!

And new ornaments made by KAZA!

And another thing!
KAZA was voted as one of Concord's Hidden Gems by Concord Insider!

Isn't that cool? Again, verifying your choice in shops is superb! (hee hee)

On another note, KAZA will be collaborating with Lisa of Fiacre Designs to bring in new elements into KAZA. As you know, product development is incredibly important at KAZA and Lisa (of Fiacre Designs) is a brilliant Designer full of creative ideas & talents. I am thrilled to pieces to start working with her and excited to introduce her lines to you, as well!

So, that should do it for now,kids. I am glad we could take some time together and chat a bit. By the way, a heads up on the Invitation Only Christmas Event at KAZA, coming soon!

Ciao Bella(s)!


Anonymous said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely!!

Those Windows are DREAMY!



Kaza Blog said...

I have been dreaming of sitting in the middle of that tree, surrounded by all the snowflakes!-lol

Wouldn't that be fun? (you know before it comes down, I have got to do it!) :o)