Monday, December 13, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas; Item #11

Announcement for Item #11, for KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas Special!

I just learned that many of you do not get the KAZA email announcements until several hours later---so for the next 11 days, I will be writing at night, to let you know what the sale will be the next day, for the 12 Days of Christmas Event at KAZA (what a "heads up" that is, eh bella's?) :o)

Without further delay, I present;
Item #11: KAZA's Own Natural Edge Cutting Boards (with complimentary food safe mineral oil to keep the boards looking new)!

20% Off --Tuesday, 14 December Only.
*These are in limited quantity. While supplies last.(First come, first serve).*
Available in Cherry Wood or Birds Eye Maple

Password: Snowflake

What a great gift this would make, huh?

Happy Shopping! :o)

Ciao Bella's!