Friday, December 17, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas (Top Secret List)

Bella's, Bella's, Bella's,Bella's~
I just found out that some of you are not getting the posts for KAZA's "12 Days of Christmas" event until almost 24 hours after I post it online. That's lousy!

I only offer this sale to the Blog Bella's and the Facebook Fans. But, well...the blog bella's are the ones to endure my lengthy emails every month....and that means alot to me.

So, please accept my apologies for the very frustrating delay in the emails. If you do pop in, let me now you are a blog subscriber and I will honour the 20% on the items from previous days (Turkish Shawls/only 3 left, Natural Edge Cutting Boards/ only 6 left, KAZA Gift Certificates, Jewelry and todays International Pottery).

I will give you the list for the next items(but, shhhhh.....this is secret info!):

Item # 7: Saturday, 18 December: All Christmas!

All ornaments (including vintage,mercury,"Carnivale", Achromatic candy cones, etc),old ski's....even that fabulous beaded birdcage!--*botanicals not included

Item #6: Sunday, 19 December: Botanicals! Paper Whites, Mini Trees, Lavender --All Botanicals from Lisa at Fiacre Designs! (these make a fabulous hostess gift, btw!)

Item # 5: Monday, 20 December: Gourmet Soaps! (including the decadent "Let Them Eat Cake Line")!

Item #4: Tuesday, 21 December: Pillows! I know we totally slacked on pillows this year, but we still have fabulous pillows available (and more to come...promise).

Item #3: Wednesday, 22 December: Candles! All Candles; Pear Candles, retro candles, corset candles, amber glass candles, etc. All Candles will be 20% off on Wednesday.

Item #2: Thursday, 23 December: Ribbon! To pack all those presents in time for Christmas--make them extra special with some gorgeous KAZA ribbon! 20% off On Thursday! (That will make it wacky cheap!)

Item #1: Friday, 24 December (Christmas Eve): 20% off ANY one item (including furniture!) What else? Vintage Designer Neckties, Turkish poufs, vintage cameras, that crazy glass head, that bureau you were thinking about.....I mean ANY item! :o)

Btw, KAZA will be open for Boxing Day (the day after Christmas!). xox

Happy Shopping!
Ciao Bella's!