Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ssshhhhh......Secret Faithful Subscriber Sale Going On Now!

Our awesome shopgirl, Julianne, had thought we should make up a silly phrase, like a secret code, in order to recognize our Faithful Subscribers. And, although I feel our Faithful Subscribers are very brave, I don't know if they would be brave enough to say something silly for a 20% discount. So, the typical cart wheel, upon entering the shop, will be fine... or just a Blog/Facebook mention, will do.

Now, for the uber-brave (and for an extra 10% off)I think, "Pecans and pickles pack a powerful punch" should guarantee you 30% off!

(*20%-30% off one item only, so make it a good one!*)

Some examples of what 20% (or even 30%!!) look like, you ask?

KAZA's natural edge cutting boards in either Birds Eye Maple Or Cherry
Regular Price: 25$-35$
Sale Price: (-20%) 20$-28$ / (-30%) 17.50$-24.75$

Earthway's Fabulous Room Sprays
Regular Price: 12.50$
Sale Price: (-20%) 10$ / (-30%) 8.75$

Moroccan Vases
Regular Price: 115$
Sale Price: (-20%) 92$ / (-30%) 80.50$

Oh no, she didn't! Ah-huh....yup...even the big guys!

Gorgeous, amazing armoire:
Regular Price: 1750$
Sale Price: (-20%) 1400$ / (-30%) 1225$

Beautiful Grey Hutch:
Regular Price: 325$
Sale Price: (-20%) 260$ / (-30%) 227$

Sale Ends Saturday (20 March 2010)

*Sale Excludes All Jewelry & Kathi Rienstra Bags**

Ciao Bella(s)!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Is Coming!

I know, after last weeks "snow-icane", being without power, having to clean the trees on our front (and back!) gardens... it is hard to see the signs of Spring, right?

But, it's true!

Spring is almost here!

There is so much to talk about, so grab your coffee and a blanket...and make yourself cozy, you will be here a while (lol). I am starting with windows first, this time. They are so bright and cheerful and feel like a breath mint!

I am rolling on the floor in love with these Bohemian Parasols!

They are so colourful and each one is unique (and very affordable at only 24.50$ a pop!).

Ohhh... you are eyeing that armoire cabinet, aren't you? Yes, you're right, it is fabulous!I also love the little Turkish chair with all the little bells---it sits low and is definitely a piece that will have people talking. Pillows made by the fabulous Gonca in Turkey (Teşekkür, Gonca! xox)

Price List:
Armoire: 325$
Parasols: 24.50$ each
Turkish Chair: 145$
Gonca's Pillows: 25$ each

Window II: Amy Butler, Ruffles, Adler-Inspired Boot...does it get any better?

Newly upholstered chair, in gorgeous Amy Butler floral fabric with coordinating geometric pattern in the back----here is your breath mint! ahhhhhhhhh!

The turquoise mirror (Pantone's colour of the year btw!)and sweet butter yellow table set a perfect tone for Spring, don't you think?

Price List:

Amy Butler Chair: 525$
Sweet Yellow Table: 85$
Turquoise Syrocco Mirror: 45$

Introducing some new additions to KAZA's Jewelry Artisans (ok...the artisans don't belong to KAZA, but we are featuring their cool pieces here!).

The first artist is metalwork artist, Kitty Stoykovich----her pieces are one of a kind and gorgeous.

A message from Kitty:

"My greatest passion is creating that harmoniously blend functionality with beauty and timelessness with quality. My upbringing in an Air Force family enabled me to travel the world and gain a true appreciation for the arts. Once I learned the art of stone cutting, this naturally led to the desire to learn how to present my stones. After college, I moved to Atlanta to study the art of jewelry design and I became a Goldsmith and Silversmith. I worked for a high-end jewelry gallery for 11 years prior to moving with my family to New Hampshire. I now live in Concord with my husband and 2 children. I look forward to designing and fabricating each custom piece of jewelry and seeing the joy it brings to others"

The next new artist is the fabulous Ella Manon

I love her colour palette ---Turquoise, seafoam blue, peridot combined with amethyst-gorgeous!

This piece on Tallulah is to die for!

Price range: 10$-35$

The next artist is Michelle Monticone

These pieces have recieved alot of attention already. Michelle once sold her pieces at Interior Additions in Concord--so we are happy to have her join KAZA's fabulous list of talented artisans that are displayed here.

Trying to show her pieces individually cannot show the detail in her work (and my camera is not cooperating- grrrr!)

A lot of people mention how they like how her pieces are so lightweight and delicate

***Don't panic all followers of Brenda Perkins Jewelry---we would never give her up!***

More Fair Traded Goodies!

Gorgeous embroidered Peruvian Headbands (15$ each!)

Embroidered purses from Guatemala (10$ each!)

Soap from Syria (5$ each!)

Table runners from Guatemala (25$ each!)

And ohhhhhh.....Room Sprays from the local (and fabulous) Earthway Soap!

Whew! This was a long one!

But...with Easter and Mother's Day coming up....you HAD to know!

***Hmmmm... I feel a Private Faithful Subscriber Sale Coming! Do you feel it? (more info soon!)***

Ciao Bella(s)!