Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Artist, Peg Lipin Featured At KAZA!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Merci Mille Fois!

KAZA's Premiere Annual Marche Aux Puce is finished!

I wanted to thank you, sweet faithful KAZA customers for coming to our first Marche Aux Puce and making it so much fun!

I honestly never expected such a great turn-out. For me, it was like a big party with friends. People were bumping into each other, laughing and having a good time. It was noisy and messy and such a great and crazy experience. The thing that touched me was how people were excited about this Marche. I was excited---and you got it. You understood, accepted it and also became excited.

We are totally making this a yearly event!

And I learned alot of things:
1. Next year, hire help!!
2. You guys are a bunch of crazy shoppers! I will need to organize better and bring even more stuff!
3. FOOD! I forgot to feed y'all!
4. You guys are crazy shoppers....did I mention that already?

With everything that sold, it made us realize it is a perfect time to reconfigure the shop again! How refreshing! With that in mind, I will be taking some time off next week to organize my brain and plan. SO excited about the changes to come!

See you soon!

Ciao Bella(s)!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here Comes The Sun (doo doo doo doo)....

Oh, how I love the sun!

I am beginning to realize how I am a "sun" person. I know, I know....Canadian blood not loving winter? "She said whaaat?"

My "V-8" moment was actually last September. I was sitting in the back garden, looking at the clear night sky while eating strawberries with my daughter. There was a soft breeze and I was thinking of how much I loved to be there, in that moment.

Being a small business owner, my mind only stayed in that moment for just that....a moment, before I was thinking of Christmas inventory (blghghghg...patooey!). I love Christmas, don't get me wrong. I just don't like to think of it so early. Suddenly, I became sad. I realized that it would be cold soon and I would be cooped up inside for another 6 months. At that moment, in all of my thirty-something years of life, I decided....winter sucks (please forgive my gnarly language).

But here...today...right now..."the sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah" (to quote the great Finley Quaye). I am sunburned, the garden is in, I feel amazing and I am going to enjoy every second!

ok...enough about me, lets talk us some KAZA!

This is our very first Marche Aux Puce, here at KAZA! What is it all about, you ask? Well, alot of people ask to go see our warehouse, but we cannot do that for insurance reasons and that would be spilling all our beans, now wouldn't it? So, for this one week (MONDAY 14 June-SATURDAY, 19 June)we are bringing random (and fabulous) pieces to KAZA. It will all be about furniture, honestly---I will not be staging things or creating any type of vignettes or anything (unless, of course, I cannot stop myself-lol)--it will just be furniture, furniture, furniture. Funky furniture, Industrial Farmhouse Furniture, International Furniture, lamp bases, old trunks/suitcases, mirrors, old antique crusty doors, old ornate frames, garden spheres, etc... Since KAZA is such a tiny shop, we can obviously fit only so much, so we will be bringing in new pieces daily. But, I will say, if there is something you like, don't hesitate. We have added almost 100 new names to our mailing list, since mentioning the Marche.

*VERY IMPORTANT: The postcard, that is mailed out, has a 20% off coupon on it. Please stop in next week, to pick one up, if you are not on the physical mailing list (located at the cash desk).

I will be adding sneak peaks on the KAZA Facebook page--so be sure to become a Fan!

FYI: Picture taken by Lisa @ KAZA in Paris, France and is available in greeting card form at KAZA!

As most of you know, we will be gone to Europe in August and will be closed for most of the month. Still unsure if hiring someone to keep the shop open while we are gone is a better idea. I will keep you posted on that.

Now for some "Holy Guacamole" news!

KAZA was chosen by Home Accents Today (a Nationwide Publication) as one of the 50 Retail Stars for 2010!

Home Accents Today describes it as:

Home Accents Today's exclusive report, 50 Retail Stars, presents 50 independent home accent retailers that are significant players in their respective markets.

This report recognizes enterprising home accents retailers who are meeting the challenges of an increasingly competitive marketplace with innovative strategies and creative solutions. All 50 Retail Stars are creative in their merchandising, contribute to their communities and distinguish themselves from the competition. They excel at innovative marketing and advertising efforts, head-turning in-store displays and out-of-the-box business ideas. These retailers represent the best and the brightest.

On News Stands Now! :o)

Holy Guacamole, right?!?

Are you ready for more?

Last Saturday, I received a packet in the mail from New Hampshire Magazine. I thought,"Cool, they sent me a magazine!". When I opened the packet, my jaw dropped and I started crying (oy! I am such a girl!). Honestly, I was so incredibly, deeply touched. After almost 3 years of KAZA being open and all the hard work---to be recognized for it, was such an amazing feeling.

KAZA was chosen as "Editors Pick for Shabby Chic Revival" and will be inside the July issue of New Hampshire Magazine!

Do you know what this means?!?
It means, you have been shopping in a pretty cool shop! ;oP

In all honesty, KAZA could never be KAZA without you, Sweet Faithful Subscribers. You are so supportive and accepting of our kooky side and we appreciate you so much! So, these honours are for you too! Soak it up, baby! :o)

Homework Assignment: Wear sunscreen. Eat Chocolate. Breathe freely.

Ciao Bella(s)!