Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Bella's!

Artwork by Jennifer Gordon

We are open on Sunday, 26 December (Boxing Day)


Friday, December 17, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas (Top Secret List)

Bella's, Bella's, Bella's,Bella's~
I just found out that some of you are not getting the posts for KAZA's "12 Days of Christmas" event until almost 24 hours after I post it online. That's lousy!

I only offer this sale to the Blog Bella's and the Facebook Fans. But, well...the blog bella's are the ones to endure my lengthy emails every month....and that means alot to me.

So, please accept my apologies for the very frustrating delay in the emails. If you do pop in, let me now you are a blog subscriber and I will honour the 20% on the items from previous days (Turkish Shawls/only 3 left, Natural Edge Cutting Boards/ only 6 left, KAZA Gift Certificates, Jewelry and todays International Pottery).

I will give you the list for the next items(but, shhhhh.....this is secret info!):

Item # 7: Saturday, 18 December: All Christmas!

All ornaments (including vintage,mercury,"Carnivale", Achromatic candy cones, etc),old ski's....even that fabulous beaded birdcage!--*botanicals not included

Item #6: Sunday, 19 December: Botanicals! Paper Whites, Mini Trees, Lavender --All Botanicals from Lisa at Fiacre Designs! (these make a fabulous hostess gift, btw!)

Item # 5: Monday, 20 December: Gourmet Soaps! (including the decadent "Let Them Eat Cake Line")!

Item #4: Tuesday, 21 December: Pillows! I know we totally slacked on pillows this year, but we still have fabulous pillows available (and more to come...promise).

Item #3: Wednesday, 22 December: Candles! All Candles; Pear Candles, retro candles, corset candles, amber glass candles, etc. All Candles will be 20% off on Wednesday.

Item #2: Thursday, 23 December: Ribbon! To pack all those presents in time for Christmas--make them extra special with some gorgeous KAZA ribbon! 20% off On Thursday! (That will make it wacky cheap!)

Item #1: Friday, 24 December (Christmas Eve): 20% off ANY one item (including furniture!) What else? Vintage Designer Neckties, Turkish poufs, vintage cameras, that crazy glass head, that bureau you were thinking about.....I mean ANY item! :o)

Btw, KAZA will be open for Boxing Day (the day after Christmas!). xox

Happy Shopping!
Ciao Bella's!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas; Item #8

Item #8: International Pottery!

Bulgaria, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, France & Kenya--(All *Fair Traded)
20% Off---Friday, 17 December Only!

Password: Grinch

*The term “fair trade” was originally used by those who supported the concept of social justice, which can be defined as the belief that justice would be determined by whatever the strongest thought it should be. This is specifically intended to identify the relationships between different aspects of international trading and some of the reasons it became necessary to put some constraints on the products that are being traded.

Happy Shopping!
Ciao Bella's!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas; Item #9

Item #9: Jewelry!

20% off all Jewelry at KAZA Thursday, 16 December Only

Password: Ho!Ho!Ho!

Happy Shopping, Bella's!

The Artist Behind The KAZA Invitation

Many of you were intrigued by the Artist behind the hauntingly beautiful KAZA invitations for this years, "Soiree de Noel".

The Artist is the fabulous Jennifer Gordon. When I stumbled across Jennifer's work online, I literally almost fell off my chair to learn that she was originally from Manchester, NH! AND she studied at my old school NHIA! How wacky is that, Bella's?!? How wacky is that?!

Her pieces are feminine, sensual, mysterious--haunting. They capture the essence of being a woman; strength, femininity, soft; yet in control. It takes an interesting soul to effect so many people with their Art.

So...what makes Jennifer Gordon tick? I got a chance to find out! :o)

Q: Jennifer, your pieces are extraordinary; they ooze femininity & sensuality. There is darkness that draws people in. What inspired you to move in this direction?

A: I have always been very fascinated by women, throughout history, what it means to be a woman, what it means to be beautiful, what it means to sexy. I am especially draw to the lives of women during certain time periods, mostly during the Victorian Era, Throughout the Edwardian, and into the very beginning of the 1920’s. This time period has always fascinated me because of the repression of sexuality during these years. The women that chose to make their lives as dancers, actresses, and showgirls were often ostracized. During my research of many of these women I found that many of them had very short and tragic lives. I must say I find a very compelling beauty in that darkness, and that is what I like to explore in my collage work, those hidden stories and themes.

Q: You studied at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) in Manchester. Had you majored in Graphic Design?

A:I actually studied acting at NHIA, as for a short while they had a very wonderful acting program spear headed by the very talented Bob Shea, who was the artistic director at the Palace Theater in Manchester for many years, as well as the founder of the Theater Company that had its home at NHIA for several years, which was called New Art Theatre. I was lucky enough in my time there to work with the company and study with wonderful actors. I also fell in love with the entire environment there, it definitely inspired me to do more collage work as a hobby, as it was always something I loved to do….to create visual poems. It was only after I moved away from NH that I started to concentrate on art more seriously and actually try to make a living off of it.

Q: Who influences your Art?

A:The things I mentioned before very much inspire me, I of course am also completely in love with theater, and dance (I actually study ballroom dance in any spare time I have). I also love vintage fashion, circus performers, the steam punk genre, silent film stars, boudoir dolls, belly dancers, and showgirls.

Q: Your business, Stiletto Heights, has quite the following! What other areas of Art do you wish to delve into in the near future?

A:I would like to dance more, because I am very passionate about it. I would like to find time to write more, both poetry as well as fiction, and I say this every year as my new year’s resolution, and that is I want to draw more, I love to draw though I admit I am not very good at it, so each thing takes quite a while, so every year I swear to myself that I will make more time for drawing and then the year goes by and it has not happened, but this year I will try extra, extra hard to make that happen.

As long as you continue doing what you are doing, Jennifer--you can dip your toes in anything you want. :o)

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Jennifer! More of Jennifer's insanely gorgeous pieces are available at KAZA! :o)

Ciao Bella's!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas; Item #10

Happy Wednesday, Bella's!

I am here with Item #10, for KAZA's 12 Days of Christmas Event!

Item #10:
KAZA Gift Certificates are 20% off Wednesday, 15 December Only!
(perfect for the hard to shop for person in your life!)

But a 10$ KAZA Gift Certificate for 8$ (2$ Savings!)
Buy a 25$ KAZA Gift Certificate for 20$! (5$ Savings!)
Buy a 50$ KAZA Gift Certificate for 40$! (10$ Savings!)
And more!

Password: Eggnog

Clocks are ticking--it is time to start saving!

Happy Shopping, Bella's!

Monday, December 13, 2010

KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas; Item #11

Announcement for Item #11, for KAZA's 12 Days Of Christmas Special!

I just learned that many of you do not get the KAZA email announcements until several hours later---so for the next 11 days, I will be writing at night, to let you know what the sale will be the next day, for the 12 Days of Christmas Event at KAZA (what a "heads up" that is, eh bella's?) :o)

Without further delay, I present;
Item #11: KAZA's Own Natural Edge Cutting Boards (with complimentary food safe mineral oil to keep the boards looking new)!

20% Off --Tuesday, 14 December Only.
*These are in limited quantity. While supplies last.(First come, first serve).*
Available in Cherry Wood or Birds Eye Maple

Password: Snowflake

What a great gift this would make, huh?

Happy Shopping! :o)

Ciao Bella's!

The 12 Days Of Christmas Have Begun At KAZA!

Every day until Christmas, we will be choosing one item to offer at 20% off!
*Items are in limited quantity, so it will be on a first come, first serve basis*

Item # 12: Turkish Paisley Shawls 20% off (Monday Only)

Retail Price: 25$
Today only: 20$

Todays Password: Elf
KAZA open today until 5pm!

Ciao Bella's!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

KAZA Holiday Gift Guide

This Holiday Gift Guide is created exclusively for the KAZA Bella's!
We don't want you to miss out on anything!

And because you are such Faithful readers, we are giving you the exclusive "heads up" on the gift availability (as of this moment), weekly, until Christmas!

Gifts for the Hostess with the mostest:

Gourmet Hot Cocoa in a little cup and saucer set (from England) tied up with vintage curly ribbon and topped off with a vintage glass Christmas ornament!

Only 10$ each!
(7 left!)

Fabulous botanicals; Paper White's, Mini Tree's, Red Berries, etc

Ranging from 8$-25$!

Iced Corset Candles!
only 10$ each!
(4 left!)

Fabulous Gifts For The Ones You Love!

Gorgeous Turkish Paisley Scarves
25$ each!

Adorable & Sweet Cashmere Scarves
(only camel and baby pink left!)

30$ each

New Jewelry Galore!
Ranging from 10$-25$!

Vintage Designer Men's Neckties!
(for the Man who has everything)
Only 3 Armani, 1 Fendi, 1 Valentino,1 Cardin and 1 Dior left!
20$ each!

Stocking Stuffers?
We're on it!

Botanical Lab; Cranberry Facial Masks!
3$ each!

Earthway Soaps Decadent "Let The Eat Cake" line of soaps in:
Creme Brulee
Crumb Cake
Turkish Delight
Black Forest Torte (my favourite!!!!)
5.99 each!

Kaotic Krafter's GORGEOUS Felted Flower pins, Hair Clips and Headbands!
(Have a hard time keeping these in stock!)
Ranging from 3$-15$

Amy Butler Reversible Headbands
10$ each
(only 5 left!)

Tiffany & Co Pegs!
(not really--but they are a set of 6 Sparkly pegs in Tiffany Blue with the Tiffany & Co tag!---Only 5 left!)
5$ each

Jitka's (Czech Spice Cookies)
Locally Made and comes in a packet of two gorgeous & yummy cookies!!
Only 2.25 each!

All KAZA Christmas Ornaments are 10% off this week!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Save The Date!

The KAZA Holiday Christmas Event!

"Soirée de Noël"

Thursday, 9 December 2010!


Save 10% Off Store-wide!

You've been to all the big box stores for those, "Big-Box-Store-Things"---now it is time to find those unique gifts to make the people you love feel a little more special.

PS: After you are done shopping at KAZA, pop over to Butter's down on Main St (they are having their Christmas Event there too!).

Shopping local during the Holidays help to keep the "warm & fuzzies" of the Season.

See you Thursday with some cheese, crackers, wine and good shopping! :o)

Ciao Bella's!