Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Confession....

My name is Lisa, owner of KAZA and I'm a Tweetaholic.

Ok...I am so not into these "gadget-y" things and have mentioned to many of you how, between Facebook & Twitter, we are raising a generation of narcissists. Do you remember? I remember when I first joined Twitter, the person I was "Following" (not in a stalker way--in a Twitter way) wrote, "Mowing the lawn". Really? Who cares,right? Buh-bye!

Well...last week, while watching Top Chef All Stars (another guilty pleasure), a contestant mentioned "Follow us for a play-by-play on Twitter". Oy....on Twitter? Really?.

Now, for those of you who did not know....I am obsessed with Top Chef and am not ashamed to say it. I get sweaty palms during every Quick Fire Challenge and try to imagine myself in that same scenario (of course everyone would be getting macaroni & hotdog pieces and I would be sent home immediately-lol).I love watching the Chefs mix ingredients and cut veggies so fast, I swear someone has eaten "Thumb Parmesan" at least once at the judges panel! I laugh with Carla, blush at Fabio and snarl at Marcel (no need anymore--he's gone!hahaha). I LOVE this show. So....when it was mentioned to watch the play by play on Twitter, I did. And you know what? It was soooo fun!

Now...I am addicted. I follow Jimmy Fallon. I follow Rachel Zoe. I follow Dr. Oz. I follow the entire cast of Top Chef (including previous seasons!). Every now and then I comment--trying to stick in a toe to test the waters. Bella's...I am in deep.

In case you care to see how far I have sunk....the twitter name is: Kazashop
Just be safe in your voyage to the Twitter side, Bella's. It is like a vacuum and will suck you in!

Oh cool! 6 more tweets popped up!

Ciao Bella's!