Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where do I begin...?

Bella's, Bella's, Bella's--
I've missed you! I hope you are all well and are loving this new yellow thing in the sky. It seems friendly and warm and I am hoping it stays around alot longer! :o)

So much has happened this month, it is wacky and I can't wait to tell you about it!

We finished up the news windows and it's all about the blue butterfly this month! Not only are they in the window flying around KAZA's Tallulah---we were also asked to make a blue butterfly crown for Butter's Food & Wine "Tallulah" (the cow in the window!), right here in Concord! Check out the "Tallulah's"....they look fabulous!

Speaking of windows:
As I mentioned above, the window on the left is KAZA's "Tallulah" surrounded by her own swarm of butterflies. Our fabulous shopgirl, Julianne, helped me with this one this morning and ....I think she is over the butterfly thing (or over me!-lol). My job was to point (always is), while her job was to figure out what my crooked finger was pointing at-lol.

The window on the right? Mod & Vintage

We have some new creme from Earthway, by the way--it smells so amazing! Isn't her new packaging beautiful? She was recently featured in Concord Insider and gave a little shout out KAZA (Thanks Mary & Congratulations! xox)

Well Bella's, in the beginning of 2011, I decided this would be my "yes" year. I know, I did take me a long time to get to this place. It's alot easier to let people judge KAZA--it is less personal. But, when Lisa is the one to be judged...I am 100% scaredy cat. So...with my new promise to myself; people have been asking...and I have been saying "YES"! "Yes" to Butter's "Tallulah" crown. "Yes" to window designs in 2 different shops in Downtown Manchester. "Yes" to helping a shop in Contoocook reconfigure their space. "Yes" to designing the background for the next Red River Theatre "Oscars" event."Yes" to teaching a one day class in the Fall (GASP!). A few other things in between...and it's only March! Scary stuff to peak out from behind the KAZA curtain and say yes. Wish me luck, Bella's xox

HEE HEE! Did you gasp when you saw the HGTV picture? You probably thought, "Oh she said yes to HGTV?!?!", right-lol? Nah...they didn't ask. But they have started to follow KAZA on Twitter(oy!...Twitter?! who am I?! Who have I become?!? ). KAZA (kazashop) does not have alot of Twitter followers (55 at last count)--but I can tell you, the people that are following are amazing and I am rolling-on-the-floor shocked! HGTV Canada, Designer Debbie Travis, Lonnie Magazine, Este Magazine, Sandra Espinet, Home Accents Today Magazine, House & Home, etc are following our little ol' KAZA! Which means....I will really need to watch the kooky things I say on Twitter or I will scare them all away!-lol (Although...sometimes I just cannot stop myself!-lol) No swollen head here though--I am one of 12,000 people HGTV Canada follow!-lol

So, that is the exciting news right now. Next month will probably be boring--so I need to milk this as much as possible!-lol

Ciao bella' well, dear friends!


The Attic Girls said...

Your windows are always fab! I'm so happy this is your "YES" year. :) You will do just fine! You need to come out and visit me!!!! Say YES! :)

Kaza Blog said...

I will love to go out to California and visit---it would be so wonderful to finally meet some of my California "sisters". Are you, Sandra and Barbara far from each other? Would be nice to get a bunch of us together,eh?

Looking out the window today it is snowing again (grrrr!)---so my answer is a strong "yes" today, Nancy-hahahaha