Friday, May 6, 2011

Bonjour Mes Belles!

I just returned from Florida and was busy, busy, busy! But I did get a chance to bring home some fun things!

Sponges from Tarpon Springs! This place is like "Little Greece"--Baklava everywhere! They had Baklava Cheesecake too, but I was a good girl(ish) and only had plain Baklava(as much as Baklava can be plain, right?-lol).

I brought some Greek soaps from there too! Now these smell like Turkish soaps in my opinion. I have been hunting for this smell for so long. A few years ago, I had taken a Turkish felted rug making class and the teacher, Mehmet, was selling these blocks of soap. I could never find them again. I L-O-V-E the smell! Earthy & dimensional--it draws me in. Just something about it. And now I can smell it ALL day! :o)

What else? Ah yes...I went to Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach and they were selling these pieces of rock with oil inside to light as a candle. There is something so sexy about rocks and fire, don't you think?

Ohhhh....from sexy to completely girly-girl, I hunted like a wild woman for Audrey Hepburn/ Jackie O style vintage purses!! Well...y'all were asking to buy my vintage purse, every time I had it on my desk. So, I knew I had to find some equally as fabulous! And you know what? I did! I seriously heard angels singing on several of these purse (15 total!)! Ahhhhhh (Angels singing)

I also bought some fabulous lamps....ummmm...fabulous lamps, but they will have to wait a bit before they arrive to KAZA. Insanely mod and oh-so fabulous! Can't wait until they get here!

FYI: Another thing I brought was the sunshine (you're welcome, Bella's! xox). If the weather gets a little grey, come and give me a hug--I am chock full of sunshine right now(VERY red & sunburned!)-lol- don't squeeze too hard though...I might cry xox

While in Florida, I ate at a place called Yanny's and wrote about it on my other blog. Hhhmmmmm....what other blog?! Well...y'all know I cannot cook to save anyone's life right? So...I started working on a food blog. I have been cooking with natural ingredients, as much as possible...and writing about it a bit. At this point there are no recipes, just my experiences and the name of the cookbooks. Sometimes, it is an experience at a restaurant that I really liked. Trying to figure out the direction I want to go with it, at this point (it is VERY new).... Awww...heck, quit tugging at my apron, if you are really curious, it is here. The concept is a bit am kinda naughty too, aren't I?

I am also working on project tutorials on the KAZA LOVES DESIGN blog and will let you know when things are up and running on that one, as well. Kind of changing things around a bit, adding a little salt & pepper here and there...just keeping things interesting, Bella's! xox

As you know KAZA was asked to do a couple of businesses in downtown Manchester. I finished one before I left for Florida and if you drive by, you will know exactly which windows they are--VERY KAZA! The one that is finished is "Good Times" and I am working on the other one, "Karma".

KAZA was also asked to design the Casablanca Room For Red River Theatres upcoming event on 21 May 2011! I am looking forward to visiting the space and getting to work (not much time, but I think it will be super fun!).

Thanks so much for all your support, Bella's & Bello's--you make it fun! :o) xox

***One more important thing: I just heard today that the Friendly Kitchen in Concord, NH burned down. This is devastating to the people that relied that as their source for food in their tummies. Next week, KAZA will be donating 20% of all sales to the Friendly Kitchen. Spade also said that they will donate 25% of all their sales at KAZA to the Friendly Kitchen, as well (so get those Mother's Day Flowers tomorrow and help a good cause, as well!). I know Butters, Little River Rugs & Stoneyfield Farm are also contributing to this very important cause***

Head's up for tomorrow! I will be posting a special Q & A on Artist, Cathy Steele and her "It's About The Dress" line!

Ciao Bella's!