Saturday, August 20, 2011

KAZA Chats With Stylist, Matthew Mead

A little insight into Matthew Meads' World

As most of you know, when I came to Concord, NH I didn't know one person in this town. Opening a shop without a core of supporters was probably one of the wackiest things I have ever done (but am so glad I did--you guys are awesome!).

Four years ago, during my first month, a popular Stylist walked into KAZA. He did not introduce himself but spoke to me a little bit about the shop then left (living under a very comfortable rock, I didn't know who he was at that time). The following weeks, the shop had all new faces--and each one said, "Matthew Mead sent me here. He said I should check it out and that he wants you to make it".

Mr. Mead is known for supporting local businesses. For me, he was like a little angel, bringing people to KAZA based on his highly established recommendation. That level of recommendation would have taken me years to build and I am so thankful.

So it is with great honour to do this interview with him - Enjoy!

KAZA's Interview with Matthew Mead:

Matthew, what a gorgeous book! I especially love how each page eases into the next; there is nothing jarring and the colour palettes are very soothing to the eye. How long does it typically take you to produce a book, as this, from start to finish?

Matthew Mead: Usually two to three months of pretty intense producing and photographing. I love color and creating color stories and collecting props in degrees of one color...I love that you are atune to the colors and progressions because it is all very intentional.

Tell me how you came to decide on the cover:

Matthew Mead: Covers to me should be that thing that evokes the feeling of the season. And I also like the item to be something not typically seen on a cover. It should also be the magazine that you want displayed on your coffee table or on the top of the stack of what you are reading...

We spoke a bit at KAZA and you had mentioned that you had already completed your Autumn 2011 book and are already almost completed with your Christmas 2011 book, which is so exciting (and also means you have been incredibly busy!). What other projects are you working on?

Matthew Mead: I have those two magazines ready to hit in the next two months....and a beautiful product line and e-commerce site ready in the next months. There will be videos, DIY info and lots of glimpses into my prop room and collections...real behind the scenes.

A while back, we talked about the realities of the business; a lot of smoke 'n mirrors,tons of hard work, schlepping furniture in the rain (and snow!), paint stains, all of the planning ahead for each design & running around, etc. --What side of the business just makes it all worth it, for you?

Matthew Mead: I wake up everyday and life has a clean palette, so that I can mix up something new just for that day...I certainly have long term products but have now been able to steer my own ship which is so gratifying. But there s nothing so great as relating with others about design, decor, collecting, entertaining...I am ripe to learn all the time, so I guess being out in the community and experiencing new ideas and perspectives is at the top of the list.

Matthew Mead Productions Inc in 5 years will be....:

Matthew Mead: My goal is for the magazine to be a rich and diverse seasonal magazine with lots of voices. Also, I hope to really grow my product line, which is inspired by my favorite collectibles, to be something that is ever changing and evolving. I don't need to be a mega corporation. I would like my efforts to be healthy & successful, but come from a place of happiness and unfold, organically.

One of the most asked about questions, is about your decision to leave Flea Market Style Magazine. Could we touch on this subject, a bit?

Matthew Mead: goal is always to do something that is creative and interesting, inspiring and beautiful and to break a lot of the rules that go with main stream publishing. While enjoyed my work with FMS (Flea Market Style), I was retrained from spreading my wings and bringing readers exactly what I love and know they want. I am not interested in rehashing the past, but moving forward with many, many different styles of decorating and bringing the reader many different voices from around the world. Doing my own thing really allows me to soar. And worry Spring issue is titles "Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead" and will sate the appetite for all of my Flea Market Followers!

How exciting is that?! Thanks, Matthew for taking the time to answer the KAZA questions!

Summer with Matthew Mead is available at KAZA--Pick up your copy today for fabulous recipes, design inspiration or give as a thoughtful hostess gift at all those End O'Summer BBQ's (aren't you sick of bringin' that potato salad, anyway?!)

Ciao Bella's!