Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

This is your year!

Every year at this time, I like to sit back and reflect on the past 12 months--Business-wise and personally. There are mistakes we've made, high-5's we've given, some heartaches, stresses and moments of being so starnkin' thankful that we were speechless.

As some of you know, 2011 was my "Yes" year. I have no regrets. The opportunities that were given to me, the incredibly talented people I've had a chance to work with this year & the crazy traveling, has been a wacky beautiful whirlwind. Stressful? Oh yeah! But worth it.

This year KAZA has:
-Designed a Moroccan Room for Red River Theatre
-Designed some windows for a shop in Manchester
-Made inventory for other shops
-Had our Eiffel Towers included in a photo shoot for a bridal magazine
-Helped several artisans in creating their brand
...and so much much more.

On a personal note, the list is a bit more painful, even more traveling & much wackier (including a very recent verbal disagreement, about design, with a member of the Kennedy family-lol--don't ask)

I could never recommend a "yes" year without first trying it out for myself. Did I love the "yes" year? Not always. But, the experiences I've had in this one year outweigh any negative feelings. Life does not give us 2nd chances nor does it slow down for us to be ready. Opportunities that you don't feel ready for. You are more ready than you think.

Look at 2012 as the year you just go for it--no matter what. And, well... if the world ends, as the Mayans predict, then you only have 11 months of "yeses" to do! :o)

In all seriousness, Happy New Years, Bella's & Bello's
Here is to a year of good health, loads of love & making 2012 count *clink*

We are nothing without you and thank you with all our hearts for another amazing year at KAZA. Looking forward to 2012 (we've got something boiling behind the scenes we are uber-excited about!).

Ciao Bella's!