Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Time, Summer Time...

...Sum-Sum-Summer Time!

(my sweet escape;the family lake in Coaticook, Canada--my grandpapa built that lake!)

First off, Phew! The Marche Aux Puce is done for 2011!!

It was a great success and we were able to make a dent in the warehouse. But...Holy Guacamole, I am eyeballs-down-to-my-ankles, tired. It was a wacky whirlwind, but you got to love an event that helps reconfigure the space, eh? :o)

Thank you a million times for your support in making our events "a happenin' gig" (I don't really know exactly what that means...but I heard it somewhere and it sounded good-lol).

This time of year is my favourite time. I just cannot be outside enough, during the summer. And it is the time of year I get to visit Canada and family. As many of you know, this year has been very difficult because of my fathers health. I've spent alot of time trying to remember certain special memories. Sometimes the memories are not so clear...but coming here, makes them more clear. The thing I love about this land is that it looks the same from my childhood. Yeah, some trees have grown a bit. But the walk...looks the same. The sweet pink apples that fall in September smell the same. During these quiet walks, I hear my grandpapa's whistle...or my grandmaman's sweet laugh. I see my Memere cutting dandelions for salads, Elvis music playing during happy times, Mireille Mathieu during sad times. I am a little girl here forever. So...in short, Summer makes me sappy-lol

(Whenever I go for a walk there, I return to the house and just turn around for another walk. The air is sweet and addictive)

So, in thinking of family times, Happy Canada & USA Independence Day! Enjoy this long weekend with your families & make memories! Me, I am going to a land far far away...where the cheese is squeaky, the water is spiked with maple and the sweet smell of cow doo-doo fills the air ('tis the season). Secretly and with a slight twist of odd, I kind of like it-lol--it brings back memories. :op

KAZA will be closed Friday, 1 July 2011 (Canada Day)

Ciao Bella's!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

VIP Sneak Preview: Marche Aux Puce


The 2nd Annual Marche Aux Puce is tomorrow --starting at 9am!

Some VIP hints of what will be there:

Remember, everything is 20% off STOREWIDE! (*an extra 10% off To The Trade)

Starts at 9am!!

See you then Bella's!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First things first...

First thing I want to talk about for the Marché, is this insane vintage pin.

Y'all have been picking at for over a year, only to find it was not for sale. Well, it will be available at the Marché for 25$ (BEFORE discount!).

Now because there are SO many interested, we will have a drawing. Who's ever name we pick, will be the one to get it (we can't have roll-on-the-floor fighting at KAZA, Bella's-lol).

If you are interested, email: kazadesigns@comcast.net

Ciao Bella's!


Save the date, Bella's....

....for KAZA 2nd Annual Marché Aux Puce!

We are extending the hours during these 3 special days 9am-6pm!

Last year it was chaotic, messy, unorganized & loud. We are hoping it is even more chaotic, messy, unorganized & loud, this year!!

Don't miss this event!

Ciao Bella's!