Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Go Spa Yourself!"- A KAZA Giveaway!

"Go Spa Yourself!" - A KAZA Giveaway, starts tomorrow (Thurs)!

What is it?: A basket of things to pamper the living daylights out of yourself!

Can you be more specific?: Ok...A gorgeous layered candle, a Turkish embroidered shawl, Lavender stems, Earthway Kyoto Mondo Grass Soap, Spray & Parfum, KAZA steam, Tarpon Spring Sponge all cradled in a beautiful fleur de lis wire basket!

What's the catch?: Spend 20$+ at KAZA and be entered to win! Thas'all! :o)

Ends 13 October 2011

What goodies are to be found at KAZA to spend such dough?

Oh Bella's, Bella's, Bella's--we've got some goodies (and alot of it under 10$!!)

Jennifer Gordon Necklaces! 5$ each

"Poison" Pendent Necklaces! 5$ each

"Wuthering Heights" inspired tiles! 5$ each

"Dead Fairies" 5$ each! (this is our second batch--1st batch sold out within the 3rd day)

"Dead Clowns" 3$ each

Bus Roll Magnets (Paris, Boston, NY & Chicago) 3$ each

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!! 20$-35$ each

AND! Earthway Soap Co is working on some products for us, as we speak!

And of course, we had a little fun with some furniture!

How fun are these?!

And there are lots of other goodies that I have not mentioned because they are one of a kind and will probably be gone if you don't get here soon. I just didn't want to make y'all sad, when you realized someone else bought that thing you saw here on the blog.

***Pssttt! Another secret: Stylist, Matthew Mead is dropping off his new book, "AUTUMN" at any moment! So, get ready to scoop up your copy before we sell out!***

Ciao Bella's!